Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awards, and some Finn's

No video today :(
I am still working on my coin envelope mini. I am working with the Steampunk paper. I am doing this a bit differently then I usually do, but I am really enjoying it.
One thing I realized about my creative side. It loves the night.
I have tried a few times to go down in the middle of the day and work on it, but I keep coming upstairs, more for distractions really. I need a drink, I check my e-mail, I chat to the family.
But once 7:00pm rolls around...... I am ready to rock and roll.

I received these two blogging awards.
I received the the Stylish Award from Myrna. She is so much like me. I could have wrote her list of things about her. She is awesome at making cards. And she is a fellow Canadian :)
I received both of these awards from Fairy Cardmaker. She is also a fellow Canadian, actually she is from the same province as me, Ontario, Southern Ont. Me I'm from Northern Ont. That would be about a 15 hour drive.
She is also a beautiful cardmaker.

Now the scary part. I have to post 8 things about me. Now I have done a few of these, so I will try not to repeat myself.
1. I am a picky eater. Not only the type of food I eat, but also in how I eat it. I was always the last one left at the dinner table.
2. I get obsessed about things. I can't let it go until I have perfected it or fixed it. Drives everyone around me crazy :)
3. I am the worlds worst speller. I have to look up everything, either on google or the dictionary. Or I ask my hubby and kids. I think they wonder how I ever graduated. I did get 100's in English :)
4. Creating is my passion. I think about it all through out the day and night. I even dream about it.
5. I love Zombie movies and End of the World type. I even dream about Zombies....nope they are not crafting, teehee.
6.I have many dreams in one night, and remember most of them. In a lot of them I am running away from people who are chasing me. And I can hide in the smallest places, like in between walls.
7. I have 2 dad's (had, my one dad passed away in Aug ). My dream was for them to both give me away when I got married. I came to realize that, that wasn't going happen. So we eloped.
8. I am insecure. I get anxious when I have to go somewhere new. Or meet new people.

Onto my day:
Kristy didn't have an exam today, so hubby and I took her out for lunch at Montana's.
Then we went to a few stores that she wanted to check out.

Kristy wanted to make supper tonight.
And when Kristy makes supper it is always Finn pancakes with strawberry sauce. Yummy.
I like to put the strawberry sauce inside the pancake and then roll it up and pour syrup on top. Are you drooling yet?
This is a NO NO in our home. No phones at the table. No texting. Actually this rule applies at all meal times, even when we are not at home.
I have been known to interrupt our guests even. If you come to our home for a meal be prepared to hear these words from me "No texting at the table", if you get a text.
Guess who the guilty part was....... Ashley.
Just cuz your pretty and give me that cute smile, you are not exempt, lol.
I have to say that she didn't text :)
After I took these pictures, the girls teased me that "I" was interrupting the meal by taking pictures, lol.
Leave it to them to turn the rules back on me, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday



  1. Congrats on the blogging awards! The pancake looks good, really good!

  2. Tracy,
    Contracts on your awards..they are well deserved! You and I have a lot in common.

  3. Tracy, had to smile at your dinnerware, that is the same as our everyday set as well. Congrats on your awards, well deserved, Wendy

  4. Congrats! those pancakes look so good.

  5. Congrats on your awards!! You are such a bad influence, first the dessert, now the pancakes. I typically create in the afternoon, but that's because of nap time. However, Landry is growing out of that so what the hell am I going to do now?

  6. Congratulations on your awards, well deserved, I read a comment about your dinnerware so had to go back to the pic to check it out.... even your wall matches! I hadn't noticed first time wish you would stop showing me yummy stuff I shouldn't have... notice I put shouldn't!!!

  7. Those finn pancakes look yummy!!! Re they made the same way we do crepe's. Looks the same, just different names maybe. That's the same rule we have at our house, and NO hats either :0)

  8. mmm those crepes look sooooo good!!

    we have the rule too--it is my hubby who always breaks the rule of no cell phones!

  9. Yum! I love having breakfast for dinner. :) Don't blame you with that cell phone rule. People get annoyed with me when I don't answer sometimes. Oh well. Just because I have a cell does not mean I am available to you 24/7. I'm perfectly fine with that rule!

  10. We have the same rule at our table too, even though the kids hate it!

  11. Congrats on the blogging awards! Too funny...I have the same rule in my house. It drives me NUTS to see people texting or talking on their cells in restaurants!

  12. Congrats on your blog awards, well deserved! I have a sister who was a picky eater. I can still see her there, trying to finish her supper while Mom and I are doing the dishes. Ah, memories.

  13. Your finn pancakes sure look yummy. They would be swedish pancakes at our household.
    I am sitting on the floor building a house with Duplo blocks with Harlee
    Congrats on the blogging award - will have to check those other sites out too, later after the grandbabies leave.
    Those cell phones and texting drive me nuts too.
    We have birthday celebrations tomorrow for Harlee and her mum since I work all weekend.
    Hope your week is going well.

  14. Yummy food you can stop posting that! LOL just kidding.
    Oh you caught yourself. You said if we asked you would make a video on it and then you said crafting anyway. I was gonna ask for a video on you cooking. I know you hate to cook and wanted to tease you. LOL There could be worse things I could have asked for ;) Not that you would do it but to be a big tease I could have. Smarty pants caught herself! LOL
    Just like me when you are crafting you wear your favorite old sweater that stays put in the studio. Funny how we are huh?
    Yes, for the moment I have internet. Won't last but i got caught up on your videos anyway.
    Now to try and post. we shall see. here is fingers crossed.


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