Saturday, January 8, 2011

Easel Card video

Day 5 of 31 days of video's.

I just put my last of my projects on my Facebook page. Wow I am impressed with all the creative projects I did in 2010. I didn't realize how many I made until they were all in the same album :)

I have had a few requests to do a tutorial on how to make an Easel Card. Which I find funny as I have only made one of these before. I should have done a few more before I did the video, as I had to really edit my stupidity. LOL

And for those of you who don't like to watch the video's, here are some pictures :)
Here is the full card opened.

Here is the card shut flat. Can you guess when my sister's Birthday is? teehee.
Today I didn't even get dressed. If I plan on staying home I with throw on a pair of my jammie pants (as I don't wear them to sleep in) and go about my day. But today I just didn't want to get up. When I did get up I just kept my robe on all day.
Hummm isn't this a sign of depression? Tomorrow I will pull up my boots and start to get this home in order.

The other day when I went for lunch with Heather, she had said to me. "Mom, we are one of the few families I know that doesn't drink or do drugs. We are a really good family. You did good mom. Thanks mom for raising us right."
I was taken back, pleased mind you. But I told her, Heather I can not take the credit for it. You girls were the ones to make the decisions in your life. You decided not to drink and party, and not to even try drugs. I taught you girls right from wrong, but you girls made the decision not to do that.
I can't take all the credit. Just like I wouldn't take all the blame if you girls decided to go the other way.
I felt so good as a mom for her to tell me that. Boy I love my girls. I really do enjoy to spend time with them.

So how did you spend you Saturday?
I sat on the couch most of the day. But I did create, good thing for the 31 video's in 31 days.



  1. sounds like you have great girls. I have come to realize that by the time our kids are teens, we as parents, have to have put in both quality and quantity of time into our kids.... Makes me sad sometimes to see how lost some kids are....and I don't mean those rom low income families. Some parents think that if they shower Junior in money and gifts...they have his/her respect.

    I applaude your comment "I can't take all the credit. Just like I wouldn't take all the blame if you girls decided to go the other way."

  2. yeah! I kept checking all day to see if there was a new video! I love the cards but especially your sister's card. beautiful! great job Tracy.
    a ? for ya? Do you have a score board? I have never seen ya use one? Just curious.

  3. oh i so want to make one of those cards--maybe a couple of valentine's day cards--mmmm just thinkging!

  4. Great video, Tracy - I love this card! Gonna try this - where did you find the calendar embellishment?

  5. Lovely card!!! thanks for you nice comment on my blog. Hugs from Brazil

  6. Love the card, and your video! My mom always said that too, about teaching us right from wrong, but we were the ones who made the choices, not her. :)

  7. I like the card, but as mother of a teen I really love the conversation with Heather! That is a great conversation to have

  8. Ambitous with all these videos! Hoorah! The Easel Card was on my project list for 2010 but I never got to it. Thanks for sharing some inspiration! Yours are lovely and I think it's great that you showed how a portrait and a landscape look.

  9. Great tutorial! Making an easel card is on my list of things to try this year.

  10. Super sweet cards Tracy! Thanks for the video; I think I need to add this to my too my project list for this year. KB

  11. Thanks for the video tut! Cute card too! I've never made an easel card. I may give a try!

  12. Haven't seen the video yet , but will do it right after this comment!
    And I gotta say, because I'm 20 and living with my mom (out of choice here) that I am very happy to be with my mom and how she raised us. I have said the same thing to her, and she has responded the same. :) I know I see so many at my age drinking and doing drugs, and I always see me and my sis who wouldn't because we just don't see the point, or see it as being wrong. I like having my mom proud of me and happy, and like being a good example for my sister. But it's sort of sad that so many kids (while not always their fault) do turn into a very unconstructive lifestyle.
    Anyways, point being your girls deserve huge congrats and you too of course! ;D Maybe a haul treat? LOL!

  13. LOVE the card - and you are SUCH a great mom!! xoxox


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