Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Got a couple shots to the head

Day 2 of my 31 days of video's challenge.
So many of you want to make this cute project but don't own a Bind It All or a Cinch.
So as I lie in bed last night I couldn't stop thinking of these poor creative women that couldn't make this. In bed is where I get my best ideas, so I was deep in thought and came up with a plan ;)
And no mrsmorris it isn't me cleaning the toilet, lol.

I am laughing at mrsmorris's comment of my accent. I think you may have been sniffing a bit to much sealer as I don't have an accent...Do I? LOL.

Today was spent doing errands. It is so much nicer to do them with Hubby as I love that he drops me off so I can just run in. He does like to come in with me, but like with kids, sometimes its just easier to do it yourself.

On to my day:
Like I said I ran around today.
Had quite a bit of paper work. Business's kept phoning me for lost tickets so it seemed that I was faxing my ass off today :)
Ashley and I had an appointment with the dermatologist. He only comes into town a few times a month. Both Ashley and I have stress related Alopecia. Ashley's is fine right now. Me I got 6 injections in my scalp. Ouchie. And just for the record that is the lighting, my hair is NOT gray. I know this for a fact because I just dyed it before the Holidays ;)

I watched the Wold Juniors Hockey game. Canada looked so promising in the first period. Then I had to go and pick Kristy up from the movies and came back to "What the H. E. double hockey sticks" happened when I was gone.
Now for the record I do NOT follow any types of sports, and really neither does Hubby. But we really enjoy the finals of certain sports. Yup even curling.

I thought I had 201 followers the other day. I guess someone ditched me, where's the love, lol.
So that is it for me tonight.
How was your Wednesday, did you get in some creative time today?



  1. Ohh, that looks like it hurts. I hate shots, even though I am a nurse, lol. I don't mind giving then, but hate them for me.

  2. Ouch on the shots!

    Great tutorial, what a good idea. I get a lot of my ideas in bed too, it's hard to stop the mind when I've got a crafty thought on the brain! :D

  3. great video again! isnt it funny when you get ideas when you are in bed. i get them all the time for a new layout etc!

  4. Awesome video!!! Now I won't have to buy a bind it all, this weekend anyway. Ha! Your shots look painful, hope you're okay.

  5. Another great tutorial, Tracy. I, too, get most of my ideas while lying awake in bed!

  6. Ohhh, thank you for the tutorial. I have been thinking about a BIA and this will definitely work for now.

  7. i get ideas while in the shower or waiting for the bus.. and sometimes on the bus.. :)

    its probably because they have an accent?

  8. good tip in the Vid - but now what are you going to tell the peeps that don't have a cropadile either LOL

    Although to be honest - you can bend the wires shut with your fingers, or pliers from your husbands stash O tools - and for that matter you can drill holes!!

  9. I completely love your accent T! That's a cool project! Gonna have to try it!

  10. oh man, so so sorry about the injections.

    i love watching creativity in bloom. thanks so much for sharing!

  11. My sister & an aunt had Alopecia, so I'm scared it could happen to me, especially at the rate my hair falls out. I sure would not want shots in my head, but I guess it beats the alternative.

    I've been working on be creative, but nothing accomplished yet, but many things started....that's the ADD in me. ;)

  12. Ouch! Never had a shot in my head and hope I never have to :0) I did start another paper bag mini yesterday using Laurel's tutorial on youtube. I kind of like it. I'm giving it away to a friend with a little boy after I do the video, hopefully in the next couple of days :0)

  13. I'm with you....I like to follow the exciting sports stuff at the end. :) I'm a bandwagon jumper!

    Owwwwie. Those shots. I once worked in a derm's office, so I've seen them done. Eeeks.

    I'd love to give you some of my hair. I have enough for about six people - and that's not even an exaggeration. My hair stylist tells me I'm her nightmare, as my hair takes her about three times as long to cut as the average person's. I'm such a monkey.

  14. ouch, I really thought you were gonna say that you got shot in the head trying to do the binding by hand. LOL Poor you and yes the best ideas come in the night. Notepads by the lamp, by the phone and just about everywhere. LOL

  15. BTW, Pea was very naughty today. Michael's, joann's and staples loved me. So more shopping for me. I have the excuse it is my birthday soon.;)
    You rock for doing this for those that can't afford the machine.
    Hope it is a great week.

  16. Just seeing this post, and you SO have an accent but all Canucks have one. It's cute though and that's why you're the Canadian Cutie.

    I am sure those injections were no fun at all. There's no meat in the scalp, to cushion the shock. Poor thing!


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