Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Mail and working on a mini

Day 12 of 31 video's.

Today is a video of some Happy Mail I received from Kim (MrsMorris). Thank you Kim :)

I knew I wouldn't finish my sister, Julia's mini album. Here are the pages in progress. Pages 1 and 2. Love the sticky notes. I don't know how I could work without these things. I would forget what I was planning on doing without them.
Pages 3 and 4. I made a slider for this page. I think my sister would get a kick out of it. She doesn't craft. She used to x stitch. But not any more.

Pages 5 and 6. I made a multi tag envelope thingy. Nothing is adhered down except of course for the background paper.Pages 7 and 8. I have no idea yet. I am thinking some more interactive pages. I slept in this morning. I needed it. My back has been killing me, I don't know why. Maybe the way I have been sitting. It hurt all night. I am not one to take anything, so when I finally couldn't take it anymore I got the hot water bottle, that helped a bit.

Funny thing, hubby didn't know I had the hot water bottle and heard it sloshing when I would move. He said to me.. Are you OK, your tummy sounds upset. I was like no my back hurts. Then later he said are you sure your OK, it sounds like your going to sh1t yourself. LOL.
I am laughing so hard right now, I'm tearing up. lol.

We are planning on going to camp to bring our old stove up, to replace the one we have up there. So unfortunately I don't think I will be able to work on Julia's mini album. I am doing so good with my video a day...maybe not tomorrow :(

Hope you all had a creative and relaxing Saturday.



  1. WOW, I am the first to comment. I am sorry you are having back pain. It probably is the way you are sitting. Sometimes I find myself all tensed up, for no reason, and have to tell myself to just relax. So you are not one to take medicine. I admire you for that, really. Geoff is the same way. Me, I say bring it on, better living through pharmaceuticals.

    I LOL'ed at hubby's comment regarding your sloshing. You could have some MAJOR fun on the drive to your cabin. Hide the hot water bottle, then when the moment is right, slosh it around a lot and exclaim "OH NO! I knew I shouldn't have taken that laxative last night!"

    Hope you are able to rest your back tomorrow punkin :).

  2. Lol the hubby's comment!!! THAT made me giggle like a fool!!! Hope you feel better!! and YEA for the goodie package!!!!

  3. what a great package from Mrs Morris, I laughed so much at the water bottle and hubby comment and agree with Mrs Morris that you should take it on your journey. x thanks for making me giggle today x

  4. your mini album looks like it is going to be awesome! love the colors!

    hope your back is feeling better

  5. I hope your back is feeling better today. And your mini album for your sister is lovely--I like the colours you used.
    I worked yesterday, but got canceled today,. Not enough babies and too many nurses.
    So, I guess that is an extra day to create and then I am off all week.
    Have a great Sunday even though you many not get to be creative. Talk to you soon.

  6. Tracy,
    So sorry to hear about your back hurting, I am not one to take anything either. Hobby thinks I am crazy. Lol
    Your mini is coming along great, I love the colors you used.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Tracy,

    Wonderful mini, I'm sure your sister will love it! And, happy mail how wonderful. Hope you are feel back to usual soon...I totally agree with mrsmorris about using the water bottle on way up to the cabin.


  8. I hope you have fun with your stickles!! I love mine. great video and album

  9. Your husband cracks me up! Who would have thought watching someone else open their mail would have been so entertaining? I loved it!!!! Hope you're back feels better.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed opening your "happy mail" with you! You're the cutest.

  11. Love the photos of your mini album! That black scallop edge just makes everything pop!

  12. I'm so happy that you are showing the making of the mini. I had started one for my Grand-daughter but am so new I didn't know what to do next. Thanks soooo much!!

  13. Feel better soon, hon!

    Lovin' all your projects. You are one craftastic lady.


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