Sunday, January 9, 2011

I need your P-365 Help ;)

Day 6 out of the 31 days of video's.

This video is out of necessity. I am trying to do project 365 days on my own again. For the last 2 years I have tried this project. Took pictures every day, and then I did journaling on 3 ring lined paper. But not one photo or journal block is in an album. So this is what I am working with, and need your assistance.

Here are the still pictures of the page protectors. Any help would be appreciated.Onto my day:

I took down my tree today. I always leave it up for Ukrainian Christmas, my mom always did, even though we aren't Ukrainian.
My dad would tease my mom and say "Alma, Ukrainian Christmas isn't in March", lol. My mom hated taking the tree down. And of course my dad wouldn't do it, teehee.

Hubby made supper again ;) He made homemade Beef and Barley soup and pork chops with cheesy scallop potatoes. Everything tastes better when I don't have to make it ;)

I really didn't get any creative time in today. Not because I didn't have the time, but because I was procrastinating about what I was going to do, that I ended up doing nothing!

My younger brother phoned me tonight to tell me that my SIL, Amanda is pregnant again. Their little one is just over 1 yr old. So excited for them. Ashley wants them to have a girl, she is thinking of the adorable pictures she could get, teehee. Kristy is hoping that they have another boy because Baby Tom is so cute. They are so funny.

I hope your weekend was a relaxing one and you got to get in some creative time.



  1. At my family's home, my parents (yes I'm 20 years old, lol) and me included never take down the tree until March. LOL! We just love seeing the tree, and it seems so sad to take it down so fast. Hehe, and the tree is located in such a place you have to really be inside to see it, so we're good! ;D I predict this year it'll stay until march again.

    And wonderful news about Ashley! Hoping for the best!

  2. Just for the record it is Amanda my SIL that is preggy. NOT my 21 year old unmarried daughter Ashley. LOL

  3. tracy, wish I could help ya but afraid i am not any help at all on the picture thing. I would get different page protectors and do a scrap book layout for one week. That would be how I would do it. Just one page per week. 12 x 12. a lot easier I think. yeah, I'm a cheater. tee hee. great video. I enjoyed it. thank you. Is it hard to do the youtubes? what about editing them?

  4. thank you for commenting on my blog!
    have a great day!

  5. Great news on the baby front for Amanda, nope can't help with the page thingee, I wish I could do scrapbooking! needed that magazine I think, what was it called again? will see if I can get it here. tee hee

  6. i wish i could help you but i am not doing the project 365--i know i looked at it and i have seen several--what some people have done is cropped the pictures and fit 2 days into one pocket and then have one journaling spot for both days--
    also a lot of people just do 3-5 days worth of pictures etc. so you could take one day off each week.
    those are my only suggestions--sorry i didnt have a brillant one!

  7. What happy news, another baby to be able to scrap for.

    I would love to help with the P-365 but truthfully I have tried for two years in a row to do the same project and it just never gets done so this year I decided not even to start it.


  8. Tracy, there's a pen that Ali Edwards talks about (I can't remember it) that she uses and she hand writes on the pictures. That is my plan for my Project 365. I just have to find the pen.
    Congrats to Amanda!

  9. I LOVE the Project Life can even just buy the page protectors now! BUT if you want to use what you've could add a collage picture as your weekend photo...easy to do in Picasa (EASY and FREE program)! I don't know much about computer stuff but even I can do that because it's honestly so EASY!!

  10. Hi there...I just saw you comment on my blog about the funky link to 2P's...I think I fixed it...

    Congrats to your SIL...does this mean there is another "letter" mini album in your future? LOL!

  11. Congrats on the new coming niece/nephew!

    I have no idea how to help you out here, cuz I haven't got a clue what you're talkin' about. Just call me CLUELESS. Goes well with my other nicknames, anyway. ;)

    As for the tree - I had mine down before New Year's. Certainly wasn't following my mother's traditions. She never took her's down until after January 6th.

  12. I just love your videos. You could do a video about how to change toilet paper and I'd watch it! As for your page protectors, I'm with some of the other ladies, maybe just do the whole week on both pages as a whole. Oh, and I think the pen that Michele is talking about is an American Crafts Slick Writer. They work great on photos!

  13. Tracy-Congrats on the future niece/nephew! Never did p365...sorry. Love the video though! I agree with Becky (but I did watch the toilet paper roll video-LOL! and loved how you put the candies in it!) I love it when DH cooks too! (usually he is the Laundry Fairy though)

  14. I've never done a p-365, I've never heard of it either. lol I'm going to keep an eye out on your blog to see how you do yours.

  15. Well, me, if there was a kit for Project 365, I would buy it and take the easy way out. But that's me. We took our tree down this weekend... reluctantly.

  16. Congrats on the new niece or nephew!!!!!!!

  17. Hi Tracy -
    I did Project 365 in 2009 with Becky's first kit.

    First, would it bother you to just do six days on each spread? In other words, Jan 1-6, turn the page Jan 7-12, turn the page Jan 13-18, next Jan 19-24, next Jan 25-30, next Jan 31-Feb 5, etc... If you have enough page protectors in the album to do it that way, it would make things so much easier. Fill in the extra journaling spot with memorabilia or extra journaling on one of the days. That would give you a little more flexibility.

    If that bugs you, getting Becky's page protectors might be the best way to go. But realize with that, there are 8 journaling spots each week, so you'd have to figure out how to fill that extra spot if you don't get her full kit. The project can get tedious as the year goes on. If you start one way and then decide you don't like it after a few months, its really hard to switch gears.

    The only thing to think about with 6 4x6 photos and one smaller photo is that if that the small day happens to be a day that major things happened and you have a great photo and lot to say, you limit it's impact by having a smaller photo and less journaling space.

    My advice is to print photos for a month and do a practice trial. Try your spreads a couple different ways and see which one you like best. Until you get it in there, you're not going to know what works best. If you can't make it work with what you have, buy the page protectors and then print the rest of the photos and go to town.

    Good Luck!

  18. I've never done a P-365, so I wouldn't be any help in that area either. However, I like the idea some of the other posters had about just making a two page LO covering a week at a time. I wish you luck with that though...I'm like you where I kinda like to have my foundational stuff in place before I start creating...I just took my tree down too. Normally I try to have it down before the New Year, but Christmas came and went so fast, I just left it up 'till "Old Christmas." Congrats on the new niece/nephew too!!

  19. Personally, I would do a week to a double page opening. Having said that I would use the 2 centre photo slots as the journalling spots.

    Then maybe you could just simple date the photo and then correspond the journalling to the date.

    I know that does give you 8 spots for photos but you then could create a photo collage for the eighth spot of photos you didn't choose or perhaps create a creative postcard based on a colour theme or something that relates to that week.

    You have a plan of what you would like to include so why not just print out the photos for the week and place in the slots. Try to think of it on a weekly basis rather than the whole 365 days all at once.

    Good luck and look forward to seeing your progress your project.

    Townsville, QLD, Australia


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