Thursday, January 13, 2011

New appliances

Day 10 of 31.

I made a quick video of how I cover my note pads. I use a ton of these suckers and I just like to have things around me look pretty. So I prettied them up a bit. I did show these last year on my blog, but not a video tutorial on how I did them.

When the papers for the note pad tops came out of my Xyron, I just had to take a picture. I found them to be so pretty, all together like this.

Whats that you say? Why is the stove in the dinning room. And to that I answer, because it is easier to serve the food right out of the oven this way.
You may ask, Why is your fridge in the living room? And to that I answer because you don't have to go very far to get your drink and a snack when you are watching the television. Well the real reason is because our new Appliances came today!!!!!!
Hubby was like, Please don't take pictures of them carrying the stuff into the house. LOL. Here is the new stove. Isn't it pretty. It is all push button, kind of like a computer. How long can I use the excuse that I don't know how to work it before Hubby catches on, lol.

Here is the refrigerator. I wanted one with the water and ice despenser, but we didnt' have a water source. But I bet we could have just got a longer tube. Oh well. I came home and Hubby put the stuff onto the new one. I think I may be removing this, as it looks cluttered. Yes that is a strawberry pig sitting on the top of the fridge. I bought that for Hubby one year. We put all our loonies and toonies in there to help save for family vacations. That sucker can hold a lot of loot.Onto my day:

Funny story. Kristy's friend was picking her up this morning so I was watching out the window for her ride. She was telling me about certain classes and about some of her classmates. Then out of the blue she says. : Lee Vong. "I ask her is that a girl in your English class?" She looks at me funny. So I ask "Is she oriental" She looks at me like a grew and horn out of my head. What I ask.
Kristy tells me, "Allison (her friend) texted her that they were "leavong" she spelt it wrong.

I laughed so hard, I couldn't stop. Then Kristy started laughing at me laughing. She is like mom why are you laughing? Because I am an idiot. I reply.
So Kristy has been texting me off and on all day about Lee Vong.
I don't know, maybe its a "you had to have been there" type of thing.

Thankful Thursday:
1. Laughing with my daughter
2. Laughing at myself.....funny I seem to do that a lot.
3. that I have a treadmill. I don't want to walk in this cold yet slushy weather.
4. that Spring is coming....yah I know it might be a few months yet, don't break my bubble.
5. That I took a nap today. Wow you would think I was 90 yrs old with all the naps I take.

So what are you Thankful for today?



  1. Tracy...I love it!!! I don´t have the I use glue...thanks for sharing!!!
    Hugs from Brazil

  2. I just love moments like that with my daughter. It makes me "sing" inside. Love that you can laugh at yourself. Makes for a much better day doesn't it.

    Love your new appliances.

    Oh, BTW, also love your idea for the notebooks. I think I will be using that.

    I guess I am just full of LOVE today.

  3. Well I was going to comment, but I'm late for work so I have to be Lee Vong! :-)

  4. I like your new appliances. I will have to check out the video this weekend.

  5. i like the new appliances!

    im thankful that i got some more hours at work.

  6. Lovely new appliances!!! Funny story about Lee Vong!!!

  7. another great video--love your new appliances!

  8. So funny! at the beginning of your video's you say "hello Tracy here" will you be saying at the end "Tracy Lea Vong you now" lol I can imagine you both killing yourself laughing.....x

  9. Oh, gorgeous new appliances! They look great. I'm loving this notepad idea too. I love these little projects that help use up scraps. Very useful too! :)

  10. Thank you for sharing the video!

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  12. Major typos in the first comment so I deleted it :0)
    Love the notepad idea and the new appliances. Since it is already Friday, I am thankful that Caleb isn't sick now and back at school. Now I have another one home and hubby too. Let's hope I can outrun this thing :0) So far so good!

  13. Tracy,
    You are too funny. I love your new appliances, they are so nice and shiny. We just got all new ones last year.
    I also really like the notepads.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. YAY on the new appliances! Your stove looks almost like mine. Yes, you can buy a long length of tubing to connect your water source to the fridge! We did. (I think we got 36 feet of tubing for $10....and it's all hidden, fished through inside the lower cupboards.)

    Have a happy weekend!

  15. Congrats on the new appliances! Yey! Loved the little VLOG on the notepads! I hate xyron boogers, especially in alpas. thanks so much for sharing! It is always great to see what you share.

  16. Great notepads, love how quick and easy those are! That's my kind of project! Your new appliances are awesome! I'm cracking up about Lee Vong....

  17. OMG Your stove & fridge are just like mine. LOL

    Great idea for the notepads as well..gonna have to give them a try.

    Lee Vong now TTYL :)

  18. thankful that you did a new video. LOL thank you for that fine tip. They would look better then mine.
    Oh funny story. don't ya love teenagers?
    I liked your funny blips about why the appliances were in the other rooms too.
    Okay so will be blogging again today to show creative things. Ya have to read what/who inspired it. It might surprise ya.;)

  19. Hey Tracy!!!

    thanks for the video!!! I was laughing soooooooooooooo hard about your appliances! I needed a good laugh!

    I am thankful that God has trusted me with the life he has given me! I love my family, friends, and I even love my job!

    Love, Mel


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