Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh My a Layout!! and a Video

I am still going strong with this 31 videos thing. I am on day 4, yeah me.
Here is a tutorial for the Teeny Tiny Mini Album from yesterday. I received some requests about it, so... Here it is. What I won't do for you guys, teehee.

Tonight was Friday Night Scrap booking. Guess what I did? I made a scrapbook page, well a 2 page layout, yeah for me. I don't think I did a 12x12 layout at all last year :0 Shocking, I know. Another goal for myself completed this month. Which was to do a 2 page spread once a month.
These pictures are real bad. I know I am not a good photographer, but these are real bad. I uploaded or downloaded (which ever) the wrong ones. And I don't know how to erase them. So you get what you get, lol.These pictures are from a few years ago, when Guitar Hero first came out. We were all so addicted to it...OK I was addicted to it. I got to live out my dream of Rock'n out. Well as you can see from the pictures, my sister was the real one that was Rock'n out. LOL.Here they are together, the way they should be seen. I was so obsessed with this game. And I do mean obsessed. I would stay up most of the night so I could get it all to myself. I was striving to get 5 GOLD stars on all the songs. Oh come on, you did this too. You know I had almost all of them and then the #&*#F^# game screwed up and lost my score.....or, someone was jealous and erased it, hummmm.So can anyone please tell me why I should love my Cricut. Besides losing those tiny letters, and then finding them well after you cut another one, to the paper coming off the mat as it is cutting, to not cutting all the way through the paper, to it stopping when it had enough of my cursing. Could you please tell me why I love it so. Hubby bought me the expression for Mother's Day, but I am still only using the small one. Maybe I should just use the new one, think that might help me? Ya I didn't think so either.

So today was full of creativeness for me. What about you, did you have a creative Friday?



  1. Good for you Tracy,
    You are off to a wonderful start for the new year. Me I didn't do anything creative but shop for creative stuff. LOL does that count. Oh and got my nails done. I only get one more time to get them done and that is it until right before the wedding in Sept.
    can't wait for the next video. It sure it getting me inspired to get this room done. For a bit of play time. Thanks sweetie. I don't have a cricut. I was gonna get one but still thinking no. I love my big shot so much.

  2. By the way never played this game. Nope honest never. So no chance of being addicted. I want a wii so bad though but afraid it will be bad for me. LOL
    Loved your layouts too. Very nice. wanna do mine? LOL

  3. love your 2 page layout! I used to only do 2 pagers and now i hardly ever do it. i should make that my goal too!

    i have never played this game--look fun from your pictures!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, Abie and I were crafting last night and we were searching for a little box to use for the teeny tiny album. Once we make one, we'll post pics! Awesome job on the layout! You're breezing right through you're resolutions this year. Mike went through a Guitar Hero kick for awhile, but now he never plays it. Guess his band broke up, haha!

  5. Hi Tracy,

    Your layout is great--staying on track with your goals is a good thing.
    My family never went through the Guitar Hero stage. Although my oldest just got a Wii for Christmas from her hubby.
    I just finished a one page layout and a 2 page layout and working on another for MME challenge.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend. No big plans here. Just enjoy time with Caitlin before she heads over to Austria next week---boohoo.


  6. Great layout! I don't have a Cricut. I'm not sure I would like it if I had one.

  7. I was once addicted to "Rock Band" a few Christmases ago but I quickly got over that one. It sucked up too much of my time. As far as the Cricut goes....try adding a thin layer of "Aileen's tack it over and over again" to the mat when it loses its stickiness. Also, if you use your Expression, there is a button feature on there called "Multi-cut" and I always have mine set to cut each image out 3 times, that way the blade always cuts through my paper. Once I made those simple adjustments, my Cricut machine has become a much more enjoyable experience.

  8. Thanks for the video and you are really getting into them! I don't have a video recorder although my camera and phone can do video's I am not sure I could hold and craft at the same time but I hope to make a video tutorial one day

  9. Not any creating besides in my head. Shopping on the other hand :0) did a little of that. I too loved Guitar Hero. I went as far as getting the Rock the 80's, kicks butt! My hubby even got me my own pink guitar a few years ago for Christmas, way cool. I was addicted for about 6 months or so and then when I started doing my scraproom I haven't played. I think I need to again :0) It was fun and I need more fun! I need to scrap my pictures of the boys with Rock Band. I'll put it my list of to do :0)

  10. Very fun layout! Love the photos!

  11. Super cute layout! I have the Expression far the big advantage I've found over the baby bug is making my own scalloped edge paper. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  12. OMG We LOVE playing Guitar Hero! Chuck and I even bought ourselves the wireless guitars :-) You're layout is so fun!

  13. Would you believe I've never even played Guitar Hero?

    Great layouts, girly!


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