Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sneak Peek

Today was a very busy day.
I did have time to work on my coin envelope mini, and I am loving how it is turning out. I am actually impressing myself, teehee.
I am just finishing up the inside tags. I sprayed them with glimmer mist and they are drying as we speak. But because it is almost a new day, they will have to wait until tomorrow to get completed.
So, no video today, but for sure I will have the video up tomorrow.
Here is the front of the mini.
I just love this girl. I made all the gears with shrinky dink :) I just love the name. Its like putting a man in a cold shower, lol.
Ya, its late, I get a little silly.
Onto my day:
Hubby drove Kristy to her exam this morning, but before that, he went to McDonald's and picked us all up breakfast, I was still in bed. He got me the new breakfast sandwich on a biscuit. I didn't like it. I want me good ol' egg McMuffin or the one with the syrup in the bun, now that is some sweet heaven.
Hubby and I went to CAA and got some travel insurance.
Getting curious?
Then we went to the bank to exchange money.
Ohhh where can we be going?
Teehee, we are going to Duluth. So had to exchange some moo la. The rate is so close to par.
Kristy is off most of next week, due to the new semester, so we (well actually she suggested) that we go on a little trip.
Not all of us is going, as some of us have to work......not me though :)
Now if your wondering about coming by and stealing my new fridge and stove, just a warning, someone will be home. And my neighbours hunt....big game, So they have rifles and know how to use them, LOL.

I watched Harry Potter with Heather. I can't remember which one, but the one with the mean lady teacher that makes them write lines which get etched in their hands. Oh I don't like that teacher.

Then I went out with my friend, Debbie. We used to go out every Tuesday, but went out tonight instead, as she was busy.
I bought a purse. I kind of feel guilty as I have a few purse patterns I have been meaning to make, oh well, it was inexpensive.

Thankful Thursday:
1. Being able to create today.
2. Hubby being thoughtful.
3. Spending time with my girls
4. Spending time with my friend.
5. All of you guys leaving me such sweet comments ;)

Hope you got to create today.



  1. This is beautiful!! OMGosh!! I love it! Great job!!

  2. OOOOHHHHH I get to be first tonight. I love your album cover and can't wait to see what's inside. Looking forward to it.

    Just wanted to take a minute also and thank you for commenting me on my blog. Makes me think someone out there cares that "i've got something to say". LOL

  3. That's funny I am using my daughters computer so it left her name.

    Thanks again, Pam

  4. SHRINKY DINK!!!! I had to read that one twice Tracy!! That cover looks AWESOME!!! Are those the TH die cut gears??

  5. I am getting excited to see the final video on the mini..... love that name shrinky dink.. I will be saying it all day in my head now... thanks!!! Have a great time next week and hope you find lovely crafty shops.

  6. You are so funny. Oh you think like me late at night. I am a night hawk or I say night owl as well.
    The cover is beautiful and I love how you used shrinky dinks on it for the cover. smart girl. I have some and rarely use it. Now you got me going. Thanks again.;) hee hee
    this one is gonna be the bomb. I can tell. I am gonna have to watch the video twice if the internet isnt suckage. LOL
    Oh I hope you don't buy your surprise... Have fun on the scrap hunt.

  7. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the album when it's finished.

  8. wow --this is amazing--i cant wait to see the entire project!

    i used to love to play with shrinky dinks. i havent played with them in such a long time!!

  9. Shrinky dink - that's the second time that has come up in crafting conversation recently. I might have to have a go. You're off to a wonderful start on your album.

  10. Tracy,
    I love it. The shrinky dink comment was too funny.
    Can't wait to see the video

  11. You crack me up, as usual! Your album is looking so good!!! Can't wait for the video and finished product! A trip is so exciting, will there be videos???? LOL! Have a great day Tracy :)

  12. Oh, that mini cover is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the whole thing! Have fun!

  13. That sneak is so pretty!! Love the colors and style!!

  14. i enjoy duluth... i needs to go there soon

  15. Can't wait to see the album. It looks amazing.

  16. Love your coin envelope mini...actually love all your minis. Had to drop a line 'cause you made me LOL when I read your shrinky dink comment!!

  17. I so love how your coin mini is coming along!! I never thought of the shrinky dink analogy quite like that, no matter how funny, but true! ;-) I used to have them as a child back when they first came out (showing my age here).

    I thought maybe your trip was going to be to CHA...I was starting to excited for you!

  18. I love Duluth! Eat at Pizza Luce if you can. Very delicious! :) Your mini is beautiful. Look forward to seeing more.

  19. Your mini is turning out AWESOME!!! Love it :0)Have a wonderful trip!

  20. So pretty! Duluth is a nice place, hope you have a great trip and find some good scrappy shopping.

  21. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never even thought of using shrinky dinks for anything like that! And funny comment on the name!

  22. Among all the things you said, I noticed the travel insurance the most. Well, its really important for travelers to ensure the things ahead of time.


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