Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toilet paper mini tutorial

Day 8 of 31 days of video's.
Here is a tutorial on how I made my Toilet paper mini album. Why do they call it a Toilet paper mini? You use toilet paper tubes, not toilet paper?

No pictures for this project yet.
But no worries I have plenty more to share :)

Hubby woke up to this sweet note from Kristy this morning. Awww how sweet.
Now before you think she doesn't love her mommy, I got my note last month ;)See, and mine was on bigger paper too, lol. Its so nice to not only get a note like this from one of your children, but from your 15 yr old daughter....that's special. Oh where is the tissue. That's righ I used all the toilet paper to make this album ;)

We are suppose to get delivery of our fridge and stove on Thursday. First they said this Saturday (which I thought was really fast). Then they phoned today to tell us it should be here on Thursday :)

So Hubby had to go to Canadian Tire to replace our white range hood with a new stainless steel one. It all has to match you know. With all these stainless steel appliances people are going to expect some gourmet meals out of this kitchen. Ohhh I just hurt myself laughing.I made myself a tuna croissant tonight and Rose gets the juices and some tuna in a dish. Look at her go to town, her head is right in the dish, lol. You know she comes when she hears me getting the can. I can't figure out how she knows. I don't even have the can opener puncturing the can and she is right there. She doesn't come when I open any other type of cans only tuna. We got one smart kitty I'll tell ya.I had a rough time falling asleep last night. That never happens to me. I just go to my "Happy Place" and in no time at all, I'm off into lala land. Well last night I just couldn't turn off the mind. I thought about, crafts, friends, family, death, crafts, birth, illness, children, crafts.

So (has never been a problem before) I am not drinking pop (Coke) after 6:00. Yup that's right folks, last glass is after supper and then water for me. I succeeded tonight as well. Mind you my glass of water only got a couple of sips out of it. I need some crushed ice in it.

Proud Tuesday.

1. Walked (fast) on the treadmill for the second day in a row :)

2. Haven't missed a video yet.

3.That my baby still loves her parents, you knew that one was going to be on here.

4. Didn't drink pop after 6:00

5. Helped hubby put up the range hood...peacefully :)

What have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Love your tutorial!

  2. another great video and can't wait to see it done. Yes, I will blog tomorrow- provided we have power. lots of white stuff coming down tonight and it is the heavy stuff. YUCK!
    I am still playing in my messy/unorganized studio but almost done with my fix. LOL
    See you tomorrow.
    How nice your daughter still loves you- especially a 15 yr old. that must mean you are a cool mom and dad.
    My cat does the same thing- only with Tuna. Made the cans smell? I don't know but only the tuna can. Rose is one happy kitty.

  3. another great video==sorry to hear you had problems falling asleep. take a nap today!! i love naps

  4. Again, great video! I give my dogs the tuna cans (with a bit of tuna) when I mix my tuna fish! They come running when they hear me using the can opener!

  5. my cat does the same thing with chicken or ham. she's in the kitchen yelling at me for some. I'm proud that I've gone two weeks with drinking only two Dr Peppers a day.

  6. i didnt really do anything to make myself feel proud, probably because i was at work all day... :)

    TP comes whenever i open anything... he believes its all for him

  7. Tracy,
    I love what you did with the album so far, and can't wait to see it all embellished.

  8. That's funny about your kitty. My dog does the same thing when I get a can of chicken out to make chicken salad. She can be outside and dart right through he doggie door when I get it out of the cabinet. Amazing animals aren't they?

  9. Boo- can't watch your video til I am home tonight (at work... shhh!). Nothing to be proud of today since I am at work... but greatful to have a job and be working again :)

  10. Well, if I can't get a video of you changing the roll, I guess I'll taken this one! Ha! Great video, I've never seen one of the albums. Love the idea of reusing something like this! Hope you get to sleep quicker tonight!

  11. I almost never, ever, ever have trouble falling asleep - it's only staying asleep that I have trouble with.

    Very pretty on the toilet paper thing! And hey! Wait!!!! Somebody please inform my 15 year old that she's supposed to be leaving me love notes instead of telling me I ruined her life all the time...

  12. So sorry I have missed a couple of days on your blog. Worked 2-12 hour shifts and trying to get Cait off to Austria. She left yesterday very early and arrived safely. She skype messaged me from the airport while she was waiting for her friend to arrive. Little bit of a stressed out mama here.
    How nice to get new appliances. I love Canadian Tire and that store always gets a visit when we head north.
    Another great video. You are doing great keeping up with them.
    Some night I have trouble sleeping. Can usually go to sleep, but wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. That was the case this morning when Curtis called to let me know Cait was in Amsterdam. He is on the road in Missoula this week. Nothing like everyone leaving at once. Hope you are having a great week.

  13. Great video! I look forward to seeing how it turns out when its done!

    PS. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  14. Did you get yourself a new fridge with a water/ice dispenser in the door? I love mine! I drink a lot more water than I used to because it's so convenient - and crushed ice is awesome!


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