Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful bride to be

Today was my niece's bridal shower.
Isn't she beautiful.
I love that the brides maids made her a sash with the trims from the gifts instead of those silly hats we had to have. This is so much more pretty and elegant.

 It was a wonderful shower.
Not only did we have tasty sandwiches, fruit dipped in chocolate and dainties on each table. There was this cupcake tower.

Look how pretty these were.

I also had to take a photo of the birdcage. If this isn't inspiration for a future project, I don't know what is :)
Jennifer asked me if I could make something for the wedding. I can't wait to get started on it :)
Jennifer is so sweet, as she was opening my gift she mentioned that I made the card and passed it to the other girls to look at.

Onto My Day:
I know today is National Scrapbooking Day, but I didn't get to create today.
I remembered our local scrapbook store had some things going on, but I didn't get home in time to get there.
So (besides my afternoon at the shower) I spent the rest of the time cleaning up and reorganizing my craft/scrap room.
I still have a way to go on that :)
Wayne went to our cottage to bring some crusher fines.
Heather had her first day back to work.

Hope you had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I made two thank you cards...'cause my girl needed them. But they were nowhere near as pretty as yours! At least she had something to give at the appreciation dinner thing though. :-) The cupcake tower is really pretty!

  2. I, too, attended a Bridal shower today! It was my son's exgirlfriend, believe it or not! I loved her like a daughter and they parted as friends. :) Her theme was pink and zebra! Wild!!! LOL :)

  3. Your neice is adoable. Those cupcakes sure look yummy. And the bird cage brings on inspiration. I really cleaned up my scrap space too.

  4. Your niece is lovely and the birdcage is stunning, love those gorgeous flowers. Okay, I want a cupcake really bad now. Gee thanks. :)

  5. she's so pretty! and how sweet of her to pass your card around!

  6. very nicethanks for sharing.. I love the pictures great for scrapbooking...

  7. What a beautiful cupcake tower and I love the sash they made for your neice too. Gone are the tinfoil plate hats.....he he

  8. The sash is such a cute idea! I know that you will share what you do with that bird cage! ;0)
    Fabulous cupcake tower!

  9. Your niece looks lovely for her bridal shower. The cupcake tower is so pretty. Love the decorations.

  10. I have a baby shower next week. Your niece is so cute! And I love that sash idea! We used to make a paper plate bouquet, and then they carried it down the aisle for their rehearsal. I didn't get to do anything for NSD either... so sad.

  11. Boy, did you ever bring back memories with the ribbon hat! Did that at my first shower. I love the sash idea much better too. She is going to be a stunning bride.

    I can't to see what you do for her wedding...

  12. What a lovely shower. She will be a beautiful bride.

  13. That sash is awesome! I don't like the hat either, so we made a bouquet for my friend when she got married - I hope they make me a bouquet too! I so don't want a hat!

    I didn't get to create on NSD either (despite my intentions - cleaning got in the way!) so I created today :)

  14. Your niece is so pretty :) I love the idea of a sash like that too. What are crusher fines?

  15. She's so pretty! Love the birdcage too and the sash is much better!

  16. Everything looks so good, she's gonna make such a beautiful bride I'm sure :D


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