Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chocolate Craving.

Do you ever have a craving of something and nothing you do can satisfy it?
Well I am craving chocolate.
I don't have ANY.
I even checked out all my hiding places...yes that is plural, lol.
So I thought maybe I just need something sweet. So I grabbed some crackers with honey.
Good, great even but it didn't hit the spot.
Oh I found some pudding in the cupboard. Butterscotch :)
This was delish...but even the second one didn't take my craving for chocolate away, lol.
Tomorrow is going to be stocking up day.
Chocolate here I come, lol.

Onto My Day:
We still have to limit our water output.
They have the treatment center up and running, but so far it is only running to 1/2 of its capacity.
So that still means no showers, dishes, limiting the flushing of the toilet and no doing laundry.
We can't complain at least we are dry, and no damage to our home.

Here is a video that a local resident put together. As beautiful as this video is, it doesn't really show the destruction to the city.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday:)

Tracy :)


  1. Agh on limiting water output! Glad that you are "dry" though!

    I hate it when I want chocolate and this isn't any. Nothing else satisfies! ;0p

  2. OMG, that's terrible. Hoping this ends well for everyone up there.

    Any chocolate chips in the house?

  3. I ran out of Timtams - and I desperestely needed a fix, my grocery store was out too because they are an imported item - so I went and got my myself chocolate cream oreos. bust out the melting chocolate and proceeded to coat the oreos in melted chocolate......I may never buy Timtams again!

  4. i was having a chocolate attack this weekend and i went to my emergency supply of reeces eggs and the package was empty-- i looked at hubby and jack their face said it all- they broke in and stole my candy! lol!!

    hope you get your chocolate today!

  5. That is a scary looking video. We had water like that last spring. We would go over to the falls and it would just scare me looking at it. Glad you are on dry land.
    Hope you get you chocolate fix taken care of today.

  6. I am the same way with cravings. Until I satisfy it, nothing else will do. Hope they get your water cleaned up soon.

  7. Holy Cow! Looked at the photos from yesterday, too.

    I am like that with chocolate, too!
    Hate when I can't find any!!

  8. Everyone enjoy your chocolate! I am on a strict intake right now and both chocolate and sugar are banned :'( I think no dishes and no laundry sounds like vacation!

  9. chocolate is one of those things I've never been "in love" with. I am one of few. we are a dying breed :)

    Be safe with all that water!

  10. WOW! The video is intense. Sorry about the chocolate craving, that is the worst.

  11. Oh dear, hope you have gotten your chocolate fix by now! Butterscotch just won't do the job :)

    I hope the water shortage ends soon. But you're right, glad that everyone is safe and the house is okay.

  12. NO Chocolate WHAT!!!! how could you let that happen...i always have some...but i have to admit i've been into chocolate chips that i use for cooking when i'm in dire straights...tfs...i'm glad i'm not the only one lovin chocolate..

  13. Oh no! I hate when I run out of what I'm craving (for me, its usually potato chips or goldfish!)

    I hope you get your water back to normal soon, but I'm glad you guys are safe!

  14. Remember to get lots of chocolate when stocking up. hehe... I hope the damage not that big. That water look so powerful.

  15. WOW! Oh you poor folks, I hope things get better soon! It is beautiful, a beautiful disaster. I love that music. I don't know where it is from but I love it! REALLY LOVE IT!
    Take care my friend.


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