Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easy, Quick and Delicious

I didn't get any crafting in today, but I did get in some cooking.
Doesn't this look so good?
It was ;)
My biggest problem with making dinner is trying to figure out what to make.
Okay that and actually cooking, if you are a regular on my blog, then you know cooking is NOT one of my passions.
I keep thinking that one day it will be, but until then I will keep it simple, lol.
So I have been craving chicken Alfredo.
So I bought the pre-made sauce, cooked up the chicken breasts in a pan with some salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash's seasoned herb medley. Boiled up the linguini.
Cut up some grape tomatoes.
Mix them all together and you have a fast, easy and tasty dinner.
My type of cooking :)

Onto My Day:
Kristy is back at her Co op placement, so I was back driving again.
I did get a bit of cleaning in today.
But again, I spent a lot of my time checking out the Internet.
I really enjoyed looking at the card gallery on 2peas. Lots of talent there.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks pretty yummy for someone who doesn't like to cook!

  2. This looks delicious, and that's my kind of cooking too! You know, I never check out the gallery at Two Peas, I always forget about it... Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. looks tasty to me! I am avoiding carbs so I can just drool!!! LOL

  4. I love when my hubby makes Spicy Chicken Alfredo for dinner! Very similar recipe to yours ... he adds a tad cayenne pepper to the chicken while it browns, then some red pepper flakes to the sauce out of a jar. He puts it all together and it's fantastic!!! :)

  5. Sounds quick and looks real good.

  6. Yum! It's only 8:30 but you've got me hungry for dinner!

  7. Sounds easy... looks delicious!

  8. Looks delicious Tracy, and healthy too, send some my way LOL!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. Ya know, some days there just ain't nothin' better than a pan seared chicken breast with simple seasonings and some creamy pasta! I do hate having to think of what to make for dinner all the time too. Now I know why my mom always asked me what I wanted for dinner when I was growing up. Who wants to have think about it every day. I'm also not good at making up weekly menus either.


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