Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fortunes from the past

Last night we had Chinese food for supper.
Here are the fortunes that we had in our fortune cookies :)
 Onto My Day:
I went for another hike with my friend Kelly. We didn't get lost this time :)
I really love these hikes. I figured, by my pedometer, that we walked about 4 miles.
So far today I have taken 14,104 steps :)

Here are a couple of photo's Kelly took during our walk. She took them with her phone.
I thought this was cool. A lily of the valley growing out of this old stump.

I love this photo.
It is Kelly and my reflection in the water.
I call it Ghosts of our Past.
Kelly and I have known each other since about 3rd grade. We have the same birthday, year and day. We also share the same middle name. Both of us only have daughters, she has 2, I have 3.
We have lost contact here and there over the years, but when we get together again, its like we have never been apart.
Oh if your wondering, I'm the shorter one, teehee.

I hope you all have had a creative Thursday.
It is a long weekend here this weekend and I am going to be creating my buns off ;)

Tracy :)


  1. So good to hear you are getting your steps in :o) Awesome pictures and I knew you were the shorter one ;o) I am always the shorter one also, hee hee. Sounds like a great friendship! Have a super weekend! Hugs!

  2. Interesting fortunes. I love the photo with the lily of the valley growing out of the stump. Are you going to your cabin for the long weekend? Enjoy!!!! I love friendships that pick up-they are the best.

  3. So cool that you and your childhood friend have so much in common! And that you area ble to get together! My "old" friends are far is from grade one, she is in the Chicago area, we have not gotten together in 10 other dear friend from 3rd grade, I have not gotten together with since 1993 at her wedding! She is in California...
    Btw.... Finished that layout! Will try to post it in the next few days...cased from the CTMH idea book...

  4. Tracy
    Wonderful pics. Love the lily of the valley growing in the old stump. So wonderful to have such a friendship. Great pic of you and her.

  5. Chinese food after a long hike -- sounds like a fabulous day! Enjoy the long weekend! :)

  6. To funny - I have an exercise friend named Kelly, too :)

    Love what you did with the fortune cookie wrappers. I need to remember that next time!

  7. What a great idea, keeping the fortunes. Will they come true?

  8. Your fortunes all seem perfect for each of you! :) Another day, another visit with a friend. That's been your theme this week :)

  9. Great photos, I loved the lily growing out of the stump, too cute! I think it's great you two can get together and walk a bit too! It's always easier to exercise with someone else! Love Penny

  10. i just love fortune cookies- we love reading them together as a family too!!

    have a great day

  11. Those are pretty cool pics, love the lily growing out of a stump. Enjoy your look week-end, the weather here is supposed to be awesome.

  12. The fortunes were fun to read! We always like reading them when we get them too. Ya know, Chinese sounds pretty good right now! LOL!

    It sounds like you and your friend have such a special friendship that goes pretty deep. Your very lucky!

  13. Great photos!! A great friend is so precious!

  14. Great photos! Those fortune strips are so cute!

  15. I have a bowl with our fortunes in it. I have 13 (almost 14) years of fortunes. My husband and I used to eat a lot of chinese when we were dating and now our son likes it. I try to keep them when I remember. Our little bowl is getting full!

  16. I love fortune cookies! I have a few stuck in my vanity mirror. They used to put them in the pocket of lucky jeans (they may still do that...I just haven't bought a new pair in a while!) and it was always fun to read those!


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