Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye House :(

Sticking with my theme of the same paper stack and same photo stack, I was whipping out these layouts....well not really, lol.
But I do like the layouts that I put together.
I showcased the photos.

And journaled as I so love to do.
If you can't tell my journaling is on the paper with the stripes

 Here is Kristy's layouts.
They took these photos this weekend as well.
I love how the girls see things through the camera.

 I love this photo of the lantern at night.

Onto My Day:
We had to leave earlier then we wanted to as Heather had to work today. I know it is a holiday today, but because the trucks aren't in use, she can grease them all with out waiting.
So while everyone was still sleeping I packed up most of the truck.
Heather and Kristy went home with Ashley.
Ashley wanted to leave first so they could unpack their vehicle of their stuff, then help me when I got home. What a sweetie she is.

So Wayne and I took Heather to work. I brought some book work with me so I could work on that, and Wayne went and bulldozed while Heather worked.
I would take walks around the pit in between doing my book work.

Just finished watching the very last episode of House. I am sad to see it ending.
Not only did I love this show, but my dad would phone me to remind me that it was going to be on, and if he didn't, I would phone him. Then the next day we would spend a few of our phone calls chatting about the show.
Now both are gone, but I still have all those wonderful memories.

Hope you had a creative Monday, and enjoyed your May Long weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. Woot on getting layouts done! I still have to take a picture of mine to post- hopefully tomorrow. It is rainy and overcast right now. :0(

  2. Sorry about your show ending, but more sorry about missing your dad. Beautiful photos your girls took!

  3. You need to journal a page about House and your dad and how it connected the two of you.

  4. Oh Tracy I just want to give you a hug after reading this. I am watching reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore show, my mom and I use to watch it together over 30 years ago now. I can't help but reminisce about all the times we watched that sweet show together, just us girls. :)
    Beautiful layouts by the way.

  5. Sorry your Dad was not here to watch House with you...I know what it is like to miss your Dad too!
    Love the layouts!

  6. my hubby and i just started watching the first season of house on roku (netflixs) we are really loving it! sorry that it is ending for you!

    super layouts and i your daughter sure takes awesome photos!! just beautiful!!

  7. What fun layouts and some wonderful photos to showcase. It is sad when our favorite shows leave us. It's so sweet you and your Dad had a show you could share.

  8. It would be awesome if you lived closer, your layouts looks great.

  9. Congrats on getting all those layouts done! My daughter and I have been watching "House" since it started. We even bought each other box sets of the shows! He is an amazing actor, I love how he totally changes his accent from his natural British, to American! He sounds totally different in an interview! Hugs to you about your Dad! Love Penny

  10. What great layouts and awesome pictures. What a sweet memory to have of your Dad, I also lost my Dad and draw comfort from so many nice memories. We are very lucky to have the wonderful memories as many don't, hugz

  11. Cute pages! We still have two or three episodes left, but I will miss House, too. It was a great show!

  12. Such a bummer when those fun weekends end, but just like House and your dad, you have the memories. Is that first layout all three girls? I couldn't tell if that was you or Heather! Lol!

  13. I didn't watch House that much, but I think it's a good show. My son liked to watch it.

    It sounds like your daughter is a planner, with a good head on her shoulders, for realizing that it would be easier to grease the trucks on her day off than wait for a normal work day. I can honestly say that I don't think I would have wanted to do that, even at MY age!

    These pages are so pretty and those papers are just perfect with the photos! They get their talent from their momma! ;)

  14. Look at you go with all these layouts! I am so impressed. Love that you are getting these photos and memories on the page. I never did watch House but that is the beauty of Netflix. I can put these shows I never saw - like 24 and Lost - and watch them now. That's a reason to love technology! :)

  15. Your girls are so talented with a camera! Love all of the photos and the layouts are awesome! Hugs :o)

  16. I love to use striped paper for my journaling, it helps me keep the lines straight. The photographs your girls take are so beautiful, and I love how Kristy showcased the photographs in her layout!

    I hate when my shows end, but the memories you have of sharing House with your dad sound lovely!


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