Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am in love with 6x6 's

I forgot to share that I went to my LSS (local scrapbooking store) yesterday. It was the last day for the paper packs to be on sale. So you know I had to check them out ;)
I picked up some 6x6 paper packs.
I need more paper like I need another hole in my head.
I am in a swap and I wanted to add something extra in her package.
So that is why there is 2 dots and stripes paper packs. You know I can't send someone something that I don't have as well, lol.

Onto My Rainy Day:
We have received over 24mm of rain today. Wednesday we had 46mm of rain.
That may not seem like a lot, but for 7 days of drab weather, I am about over it.
It hasn't been a constant rain, but when it does rain it is a downpour.
So today was a stay inside, catch up on some paper work and watch movies kind of day.
I didn't even get pathetic is that, lol.

One of the shows we watched was Death at a Funeral. That show is hilarious. We prefer the original 2007 British version. The old uncle Alfie is one of our favourite characters.
The first time we had watched it, the girls had to come upstairs as I was laughing so hard, I think I scared them. lol.

Hope you had a creative Sunday.
Here is hoping I have a creative Monday tomorrow :)

Tracy :)


  1. I may have to check that movie out! Is it on Netflix?
    Love your dot and stripe papers!
    Boo on the rain...we had a simply gorgeous day yesterday, and today was pretty nice as well. Tomorrow calls for rain and maybe 16.... I am sure the rain will hold off until Mya's riding lesson, then start....just like last week. :0(

  2. Enough with the rain and snow, right????? I like the 6x6paper packs too. Hope you did a little creating too. You're so lucky to have a LSS.

  3. I love the 6x6 packs too. I hoard them. Sound like a good day to stay in. We are getting nothing but wind.

  4. Love all the paper and I too love the 6 x 6 size but I have my eyes on your stamp with birds and butterflies. Might have to start up the old engine on the broom and come snag it. LOL You won't miss it anyway. LOL
    I have posted 4 long posts to my blog today and am NOT DONE YET! Kinda of a catch up for the last 6 months I guess. Hee hee.
    We are getting rain tomorrow:( I have painting I need to do.

  5. My gosh I'm so far behind on reading blog posts and watching videos. I have to go catch up on Pea soon too. Hope you are feeling better. I still feel crappy and now my daughter is sick too. She has a fever :(

    Is that washi tape I see? Oh my! I believe it is!

    It finally stopped raining but I have't been outside to enjoy it. I'm lucky I took a shower once in the last 3 days. My husband made me because I was starting to attract bugs LOL. Really how dirty and stinky can I get inside the house packing boxes. I hope these next few days go by fast. Off to bed so I can take advantage of memorial day sales and buy a new microwave. Yup I'm going to shower and leave the house.

  6. okay correction 9 posts in store for your reading pleasure. I expect a comment on each one there missy! LOL Cause you made me do it. Can I go to bed now? I have only been blogging, loading, editing pictures and such for about 4 hrs..OMG!
    LOL Hugs,pea

  7. Ooh that's nice little haul there! The 6x6's are great aren't they? I agree with you about the movie - British all the way!!!

  8. I love the 6x6 packs too, but here it´s dificult to find them !!!
    have a nice week!!!

  9. Can you ever really have too much paper? I love 6x6 packs too! That stinks about the rain, hopefully you will get some sunshine soon!

  10. I love the 6x6 packs they're perfect for just about everything!

  11. I was just thinking how I love 6X6 too and I get my money's worth out of them! Rain, rain go away!

  12. I just bought that Note to Self 6 x 6 paper pad! I can't wait until I feel good enough to dive into it!

  13. I am in love with 6 x 6 pads too - so far buying them more than using them!

  14. I too love the 6x6 pads, the small print of the patterns is fabulous! I love days where I don't have to get dressed :o) Hugs!

  15. Oooohhhh, new goodies are my favorite! Is that some washi tape? Is that your first? We had our first rain in weeks, Friday night. It was so dry here. Now we're back to dry again.

  16. More paper is always a good thing. I like the pattern of the pad in the middle.

  17. OH but buying those new paper pads feels sooooo good!


  18. I love all the goodies you're teasing with here. I have a few 6x6 paper pads, but I guess you could say I hoard them because I don't want to use them. Only used several sheets from a Cosmo Cricket pack for a card once.


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