Friday, May 4, 2012

Bridal Shower Card

I finally made my niece her bridal shower card.
I asked my SIL, what her wedding colours are. She told me Latte.
I can see that colour looking so pretty on the brides maids.
I wanted to incorporate the colours into her card.
I think I did good :)
It took me all evening to make this card. I pondered over everything. I just wanted it to be special.
Its going to take me a week to get her wedding card done ;)

 I embossed the dress and did the same folding as my sample one I shared the other day.
But I changed the top of the dress.
I also added a latte coloured ribbon.
I had to ink the ribbon as I didn't have anything in this colour.

You can see the dimension these folds give to the dress.

The inside of the card.
I inked up the "Love" ticket.

Onto My Day:
My day started with a short walk with my friend Lynne. She wanted to take her dog with us, as she said he could lose some weight as well. Then she said HE was to tired to finish our walk....sure Lynne your dog was tired, lol.
I finished up with my work, then finished my walk with a trip to the mail box to mail out the invoices.

Sadly in the early afternoon I started getting symptoms of a migraine.
When I get a migraine I lose part of my vision, my head feels tight, and I feel nauseous. Sometimes it feels like someone drugged me, and not in a good way.
I never drive when I get these.
I try not to take anything because.....well, I'm stubborn...or stupid, not sure which yet. But I will take a nap, and most times that helps.
I wanted to get some cleaning done today as I don't do too much of that when I am working.
So I cleaned most of the house.
And you know my migraine didn't get any worse.And I didn't even get a nap in.
Actually in the early evening it felt way better, I got my full sight back so that was good.

Sharon couldn't come tonight for scrapbooking.
But my friend Lynne (yup, my blame it on your dog friend) came by with her friend Denise.
These ladies are so funny, I really enjoy spending the evening with them.
And because of the after effects of the migraine, I don't think I made much sense tonight. So they either thought I was dippy or on something, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Friday?
 Any plans for National Scrapbooking Day?

Tracy :)


  1. Your card is just beautiful.
    Glad your migraine subsided and you were able to get your work around the house done.
    Great that you were able to spend the evening with friends.

  2. Tracy your card is so lovely. Do you have a special envelope to put it in so it won't "crease" the dress? Or will you just add it to a gift without a card? I'm not being silly here just curious how you will do it so the card isn't smashed.

    Sorry about the migraine, I know how horrible those things can be. Have a wonderful NSD tomorrow. I will be working, so I will post pone it for next Tuesday. :)

  3. I love that card. I don't know of anyone getting married anytime soon but I may just have to steal this idea. It would be really cute for communion for little girls too but my nephew is having his communion this year so I don't think the dress would work for him. Sorry to hear about your migraine. I haven't had many but they really are awful. I'm not sure that when most people say they get migraines they really are getting actual migraines. I usually take two advil shut all lights and sound off, put the covers over my head and sleep for 20 minutes or so and then I'm usually good. I'm almost done with all my cleaning this morning so it is off to scrap for the rest of the afternoon. I'm not religious but I also plan to bury my statue of St. Joseph so hopefully our house will sell LOL. Everybody says it works. I'll let you know.

  4. oh my goodness! that could not be more beautiful!!!

  5. Beautiful card, I really love the dress!

  6. LOL on the DOG being the tired one! UGH on the migraine, I get them, but not losing sight, etc.; just get nauseous and need a dark place if I have let it progress too much.
    LOVE the card. the embossing on the skirt is beautiful and elegant. I am so glad that you went with the darling little dress!

  7. Your card is absolutely beautiful!!! I know your niece will love it :)

    So sorry about your migraine. Mine got so bad, and frequent, that i'm now on a daily medication for them :(

  8. Totally beautiful card! So professional looking - love it! Sorry about your migraine :( - that's no good!

  9. Such a pretty card, love the dress!

  10. I love, love,love the card. It is amazing!

    I'm sorry about your migraine. I hate those things.

  11. The card looks very elegant. I hope you feel better. Hope your migraine goes away =)

  12. That card is "take your breath away" pretty! I absolutely love it! It is my favorite one you've made!

  13. That card is awesome!! The dress is so perfectly done.

    I have only ever had a headache so bad that I would call it a migraine and that was years ago. Not something I would want to experience on a regular basis. Glad to hear that it subsided and you were able to visit with friends by evening.

  14. Oh no! Migraines are the worst. I used to get them more often, but I would only take something when I got them at work and had to teach for the rest of the day (one time it was so bad, I turned all the lights off in my classroom and taught in the dark because it didn't hurt my eyes as bad!) I'm glad yours got better before your scrapbook evening!

    The card is beautiful!

  15. Beautiful card and colors. You did an awesome job on this.

  16. Love the card! Thanks for sharing your creating process!

  17. Awesome card! I'm pinning this! :-)

  18. The card turned out so beautiful :D


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