Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whats on My Work Desk Wednesday 2

I thought I would do another WOYWW.
To check out other great creative desks check out Julia's blog :)
My desk hasn't changed to much since the last time I posted, which was 2 weeks ago.
You know that means I haven't been creating sad.
I did get down to my room and somewhat organized my flowers that I was working on 2 weeks ago.

So you want to take a closer look?????
Sure you do :)
I am getting some goodies ready to mail out. I am in a swap with a friend in the UK and this grey basket of goodies have to be packaged and sent out.
I have some flowers in my red basket that need to find a home in my room.
The 3 containers stacked to the left are all my vintage trinkets.
Behind that is my one container of 6x6 paper packs. Yes I have more then one.
My bucket is full of paper bits and packaging that need to be recycled.
The small drawers hold my tiny ink pads and such.

You know looking at my desk right now, makes me want to go down there and clean it up. So much stuff without a home :(
I am thinking after I get the swap parcel out in the mail, it is time for some heavy duty tidying up here and then to play with my supplies.
Don't you just love a clean desk. It makes me want to mess it up, lol.

Thank you for all your well wishes for my city and what we are going through right now. The situation is getting better everyday, and we haven't had any rain today. So the water is receding.
Thank you again for your kind words.

I hope you all have had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy was swap are you involved in? I would love to be able to exchange with someone from another city just to see what interesting things we exchange. Pat

  2. If Zumba-ing is creative, then I will be creative today! ;0)
    Glad that no rain has fallen today...
    Lots a fun stuff there! I hate it when I am. It sure where I want to put things...but then if I tuck it away it does. It get used...such a dilemma!

  3. That's the funny thing about WOYWW, it makes you take a step back and take a look at all your sh*t. Lol! A good deep clean sounds fun! Might have to think about that myself...

  4. I just realized we have the same type of work table, and I had put my plastic rolling cart (minus the wheels) underneath. Great minds!
    Glad to hear the water is receding, that is good news.

  5. everytime I visit your blog I want to organize my I just need to find the time. :-))
    Have a great day!

  6. I am jealous!!! I love how you hung your LO (I was actually thinking of getting one of those tihngs myself) and I love your little shelf for your stamps :)

  7. I just love that colour on your walls! So warm and welcoming! I hope you'll get to spend more time down there soon, and create! :)

  8. Ah, there's nothing like a clean and tidy desk to make you want to get super creative and mess it up again! :) Hope you get your wish to tidy and create today! :)

  9. I want to know if you got any chocolate!

  10. Looks like you are sending out some fabulous goodies!

  11. So love a clean desk!
    And I have definitely gone through periods where I haven't been able to create because of the mess!

    Feeling the need to purge scrap supplies again :)

  12. You look busy! I love the layouts hanging on your wall. Great idea.

  13. I loved getting a peek at your desk!

  14. Your space looks like it is in order enough, I think you need to post your mail and then play hard. Happy crafting.

    Eliza #140

  15. Your space still looks much better than mine - any day! It looks like who ever is in the swap with you is getting a ton of good stuff too! That ought to clear out a decent spot in the center.

  16. Your work space is down right tidy and neat compared to mine!!


  17. Your desk actually looks pretty organized for being a large flat surface. You'd probably develop a facial tick if you saw my scrapbook room right now. lol

  18. I wish my scrap spacewas as cleaned up as yours. I like how there are some layouts hanging. Over your desk.

  19. Nice space! I absolutely need to find a way to hang my latest layout, love to see them in the open before putting them in the album!

  20. I like your pics hanging on the wall. I keep thinking I want to enlarge some of my photos to hang. I take a lot of scenic type pics. Your work space looks pretty neat.

  21. LOL looks better then mine. Katie and james stopped by and Katie checked out my new door. She turned on the light and said OMG MOm your room threw up! LOL I miss her when she says stuff like this. LOL


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