Thursday, May 31, 2012

Layout display

So many of you really liked the way I display some of my scrapbook pages.
It is very simple to do.
Just pretend my chicken light isn't hanging above the layouts okay, lol.
I have a OTT light bulb in the chicken light and love the light it gives me.
Okay onto the deets ;)

 I just used eye hooks and screwed them into the wall then ran the dowel through them.
I don't even think I screwed them into a stud. The layouts and doweling are so light I don't think they need to be. I may have one of each end into a stud...I can't remember it has been so long since I hung these.

It is no secret that I am thrifty and like to re-purpose things.
 The dowels and end knobs came from this shelf unit. The two bottom shelves had the dowels in them for ribbon storage. I didn't like how they worked with my ribbon spools as some of them didn't fit in there as the spools were to big. Plus I also like to bring all my ribbon colours to my project to better colour match.
So I took them out and then came up with a way to use them to hang my layouts.

I just use page protectors to put the layouts in.
I then hook them up with "S" hooks.

Here are the "S" hooks I use. I use these babies for so many things.....I will share other uses for them another day :)

One last look ;)
These are some of my favourite layouts. I have my babies up here, when they were still my babies :)
I also have a layout of my SIL and I doing one of our favourite things to do for crafty supplies ;)

Onto My Day:
I had some errands to do today.
Kristy didn't go to school for lunch so I took her and Heather for lunch at Kangas Sauna.
They had Finn pancakes and strawberry sauce. I ordered a BLT. But for the rest of the day I have been wanting those Finn pancakes, lol.  
I did a bit of crafty shopping, but only bought a recipe box I want to alter to put in some addresses.

I hope you had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You make it all so easy!!! Great idea to display layouts.

  2. Nice, Simple idea! The BLT is sounding good!
    Just had some bruschetta that I made on some olive oil and cracked black pepper triscits- yum! :0)

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  4. I wrote a comment and it put it up twice, so I removed it but it took both of them off.
    Geez Louise, okay so what are Finn pancakes? Are they like crepes? Now I want crepes and strawberries and cream!

  5. Cool! I've thought about doing something similar to use for storage but just haven't got around to it! I love that you keep your layouts out. I put some of mine in easels.

  6. very cool. like macgyver cool!

  7. I forgot that you had that in your room! Thanks for the closer look! Such a smart idea. I've seem where people have used clothes line wire, I would think that would get saggy. Your way is much better, add usual :)

    What's the difference between regular pancakes and Finn pancakes?

  8. Thanks for sharing your display! I keep meaning to do something more for mine. Thanks for inspiring me to get on this.

  9. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love how you have repurposed here! Very clever and this really looks GREAT!!! :D

  11. What a great display! I love how your shelf looks, too!

  12. I love how you display your layouts! That is so cool!

  13. You are so thrifty! Love the idea, Im hoarding ideas for a craft room makeover...

  14. Ha! I was going to ask if Finn's pancakes were crepes and Sybil beat me to it! I had been noticing your LO's hanging and was glad at a closer look of the how to! TFS!

  15. You are so organized! I'm jealous.

    Love your layouts and how you have them displayed.


  16. great way to show case..thanks for sharing...hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  17. I want to do something like this in my room too. I put them in a box until I'm ready to take pictures and then they go into another box until I'm ready to put them in books. My poor layouts don't get enough appreciation.

  18. clever girl! Would you be so proud of how thrifty I have been lately. I can even hear you say things like " OMG, you can find it cheaper, USE WHAT YOU HAVE! LOL things of that sort. Only twice have you said in my head, now that is a good deal. LMAO! Miss you girl, I guess I really do if you are talking to me in my head. LOL


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