Saturday, May 19, 2012


I will start with our Friday Night.
Every girls May Long Weekend, I don't seem to get started until around midnight.
I have to first unpack the food, then all the crafting supplies.
We also have to re-organize the whole camp for our main purpose for being there. The lighting is way better in the living room so we move the kitchen table in there. Move around other small tables beside me, as I seem to take over the whole table if I don't have them, teehee.
Then I have to organize all the crafting supplies.
You know, Cricut and cutting tools go on the long table. Stickers and tags in a container, papers on another table. Area all organized and ready to create.
Then I have to check out a few magazines, lol.

So this year I vowed to start before midnight.
I brought this little album with me. I purchased it at a dollar store years ago. It has 10 pages, so it can fit 20 layouts and fits 6x6 pages.
I had 9 layouts already done in it.
I can't show you those layouts as I didn't ask permission to show those friends photos on here.
But here is the cover page.
Cut out with my cricut....are you proud of me Schell ;)

 I had the background papers precut and in the page protectors. I think they were from CTMH or Stampin' up.
This is Sharon and I from a few years ago on our girls May Long Weekend scrapin it up ;)

The first page here is from a day crop that my friend Lynne invited me to.
The second page is when I was at Scrap for Heart in 2011. I am still planning on doing a 12x12 page spread on this crop, but still wanted it to be in this mini, mini.
I also have some hidden journaling behind the photo.

I was so happy that I got started way before midnight ;)
These next two pages are also for this 6x6 book. But I did them on Saturday.
This is also from Girls May Long weekend a couple of years ago. Wayne had bought Sharon and I these scrapbooking t-shirts and we are modeling them.
We are trying to be all gangsta, lol. Epic fail. Hard to look tough when you are almost pissin' yourself laughing.
The second page is of my girls and what they love to do on these weekends :)

Onto My Day:
It was a beautiful day. The girls brought lots of props for their photo shoots.
Ashley went for a walk, then I went to catch up. But went the opposite way she did, lol.
So they ended up finding me.
We had hot dogs for lunch.
I was impressed by Kristy's ketchup application.
Ashley brought it to our attention that it was because of all that cake decorating Kristy does.
Funny thing was Kristy didn't even realize it until we brought it to her attention.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
Tracy :)


  1. Great job starting before midnight!

  2. I love your layouts! It sounds like you had an awesome crafty weekend :)

    I'm also impressed with the ketchup application! I wish I had those kinds of cake (or hot dog) decorating skills!

  3. haha nice ketchup application! Good for you for starting before midnight!

  4. Hurray for using your Cricut and for being organized and getting going before midnight. Love the ketchup,

  5. Glad you had a productive weekend. I like the circle borders on the scrap with heart page most - the colour family is gorgeous.

  6. Looks like you got a lot done this weekend!

  7. How appropriate you worked on this mini! Glad you got started before midnight!! That is one fine looking hot dog, good job Kristy!

  8. YAY! You used your Cricut! And way to go on getting all settled in & scrappin' BEFORE midnight!

    Love the glamour dog too. ;)

  9. Very proud! Looks like you have a blast on these weekends, so jealous! Awesome ketchup coverage there :o) Hugs!


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