Sunday, May 20, 2012

More layouts....Shocking :-O

I rained all day and most of the night.
So it was an inside, create all day type of  day today :)

I did 8, 12x12 layouts, which works out to 4, 2 page layouts. I am a 2 page spread kind of girl.
I thought I did great for these 2 days, until I realized Kristy did the same amount in one day, lol.
Here is my first 2 pages. I am also going to show you Kristy's layouts.

 My plan this weekend was to get as many photos on a page for each layout and try not to over think it.
So I used the same paper pack for all of my layouts and also used the photos from the same trip. I also used some sketches to make it even easier on me.
As you know I have only done 2 layouts in the last 2 years, so I tried to channel Mary Pat this weekend ;)

This is one of Kristy's 2 page spreads from this weekend.
The girls actually took these photos this weekend.

Yup, I used my Cricut again. So proud of myself ;)
I love the softness of this page and the photography is beautiful.

Onto My Day:
Sharon brought her Kodak Picture Mate photo printer. We have been using it for years.
But this time it would only show 4 out of my 18 photos on my jump drive. It wouldn't read Kristy's, Ashley's or my camera cards. But it read Sharon's.

So Kristy pleaded with Wayne to bring up my Selphy photo printer. He told her he wouldn't, but texted me that he was going to bring it, but wanted to surprise her.
She was so happy and excited when she saw her daddy show up :)
Oddly enough my photo printer showed all 18 of my photos and everyone's camera card worked except Sharons. 

I packed up the scrapbooking supplies as Heather has to work and we have to leave early :(

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Yay on getting some cricut use! ;0)

  2. Love the second one. I tend to overthink my layouts too! I actually scrapped this weekend!

  3. Good job an creating layouts this weekend. Keep giving that Cricut a workout!

  4. your too funny tracy-- your layouts look awesome!! and i have to agree with you-- don't over think it!!! i try never to over think it!! you are off to a great start!! very impressive

  5. So glad you were so productive! That's so weird about the photo printers. Love the pictures the girls took:)

  6. I am an over thinker too which is why I don't get many pages done, but you were knockin' 'em out! They're really pretty & such great pictures too.

  7. Love these! What a sweet daddy is he :o) Hugs!

  8. I just love seeing you do layouts! They are so great!

  9. 8 pages, that is wonderful. And it looks like you were scrapping fun adventures too.


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