Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Life Treasures on Mother's day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there.Whether you have children of your own, or had a part in raising a child. I hope you all had a great day today.

Here are my babies :)
These young ladies have made being a mom the best experience of my life.
I enjoy spending time with them and miss them when they aren't around.
I treasure them so much and Love these girls with all my heart.
Thank you Kristy, Ashley and Heather for making not only this day, but every day a treasure to have you here in my life
Ashley took this photo for me :)

They know how I love hand made cards, so they snuck in my craft room and whipped me up one.
They like to call me Momma Bear ;)  

Here is the inside of their card......I know where is the recipe/index card. I feel as I have failed them, lol.

 I figured Mother's day is a no calorie day. Not in the meaning that I shouldn't eat any, but in the meaning that they don't count today:)
So what is better then some healthy fruit.....dipped in melted chocolate, the good chocolate :)
The first time I tried this I was about 15.
I was baby sitting. I  put some chocolate chips in a Tupperware container to melt them in the microwave.
I had never used a microwave before, so didn't know that you couldn't put Tupperware in a microwave.
I melted a hole in her container. So after I ate the chocolate;) I hid her melted container in the bottom of their garbage, lol.

Onto My Day:
I got to sleep in, I mean really sleep in. But then again I did stay up until 3:00am to watch the Dudeson's last night ;)
The girls bought me a cake that Kristy made at her Co-op, beautiful flowers and a gift certificate to a Cosmetic and day spa. The sweetest part, Ashley also bought one for herself as well so we can go together :)
I am not one for pampering. I have never got a manicure, I only get my hair cut once a year, seriously I usually just trim it myself.
Knowing this, I guess Ashley knew I would go if she wanted to go:)

My day was spent watching zombie movies and the new  Underworld (yes I like vampires as well) with Wayne. The girls picked up dinner, so I didn't have to cook, not that I would have anyway, lol.
Watching the season finales of our television shows and catching up on a bit of book work.

I hope each and everyone of you had a creative Mothers day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like a really perfect day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day. Glad you had a relaxing day. You have three lovely daughters, they made a very nice handmade card. =

  3. Sweet! I ate 3 bags of candy. I'm not kidding. I went to Dollar Tree and bought a bag of mini Baby Ruth's, Hershey Kisses and Reeses and accidentally ate them all. Ugh.

  4. such beautiful girls! how wonderful!! love the card they made-- just perfect!! so glad you had a wonderful day

  5. I ate two pieces of chocolate silk pie that my dh bought for me the night before. Yum! Tracy, your girls are beautiful! I love the photo of them together.

  6. Such lovely girls! Glad you had a nice day with your family and time to do what you like. I did two more pages of my stepdaughter's wedding.

  7. Banana and chocolate are a great combo. haha about throwing the tupperware away! Happy Mother's day!

  8. Glad you had a great day! I did as well- ds gave me mom tea from David's Tea and my girls got me a mom gift box of stuff from LUSH. I finished up my book club book and started on that scrapbook page!

  9. OH NO!!! Did I miss the finale of Desparate Housewives?!!!!!! ARGH! I had my folks over and never got to see it! (sigh.. I am NOT happy about this!)... ANYWAYS, LOVE the picture of your girls, their card, and that you had a happy Mother's Day! ((hugs)) ~tina

  10. So cute that they made you a card!

  11. Sounds like a fabulous Mother's Day!
    And your girls are just beautiful! :)

  12. Is that not the sweetest thing ever! LOVE it and GORGEOUS photo of your girls!

  13. Zombies, vampires and take out. Sounds like you had a day tailor made for you! :) Gorgeous photo of your girls - I can see why you are such a proud mama bear. The banana + chocolate looks yummy. I love to melt choc chips and pour it over ice cream. So much better than the choc syrup in the bottle.

  14. Your day sounds fantastic! I just love that picture of your girls :) I'm cracking up about the recipe card too.

    What did you think about Survivor? It wasn't my favorite season. It kind of lost my interest because it was so predictible. I hope next season is better!

  15. What a fun day! What show finales are you watching? Celebrity Apprentice? I haven't seen Underworld yet but hear it's pretty decent. We watched The Vow and Contraband this weekend...loved The Vow....Contraband was good but wow...the foul language!

  16. What a wonderful sounding Mother's Day Tracy! You have the sweetest girls, so you did something right. I made my son mad at me right before Mother's Day, but I guess being a mom ain't about the gifts when the kids need to be told to get their crap together...

    Anyway, I had a very nice (spoiled) day too. Actually, it was the whole weekend. :D


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