Monday, May 7, 2012

Nadda Day and a tiny pocket box

I found this pocket die when I was organizing my scrap/craft room.
It is the Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Box w/Scallop Flap & Flowers.
I don't have the large plates, so I just butted two smaller ones together and it worked well. The only thing I wasn't happy with, was that the scoring lines didn't show up.
It wasn't hard to figure out where they were suppose to be though.

The fairy is a left over image that I had coloured for my stamp frame, but didn't get to use.
Coloured her up with my Copics.
I used a tiny piece of adhesive Velcro to hold the flap down.

I inked up the flowers, added some eyelash thread, a tiny paperclip and wire to the corner.
Now that I have made one I want to make so many more :)
But what to use them for?
This box is pretty thin, so I could put gift cards, thin chocolates or die cut shapes inside.
What have or would you put in here?

Onto My Day:
It was a "nadda day" today.
Nadda a thing happened :)

Kristy didn't have to go to her placement today, just school.
So I didn't have to pick her up and drive her this afternoon. So I had the whole day at home.
Oh the plans I had.....
I was going to work in my scrap/craft room and organize the whole kit a caboodle.
Clean my embarrassing messy laundry room.
Go through my black hole of a cupboard.

Now onto what really happened.
After driving Kristy to school I went on the computer for a tad, then went for a nap....well it was much longer than a nap. Went back on the computer for a couple of hours.
Then Ashley came home for lunch.
I did get into the scrap/craft room for a bit of organizing, but got distracted when I came upstairs for something, lol.
 I didn't make this box until after supper.
Yes it was a "Nadda day", but we all need a few of those don't we ;)

Hope you had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh Nadda days. I seem to have tons of those!

  2. Cute card! I love Nadda Days! lol!

  3. I love me some Nadda days. Wish I had had one of those today. Cute little box.

  4. I love the fairy Nd the box is so pretty! I can't think of anything different that could be put inside!

  5. I have been eyeballing that die for years now. I think it's big enough for what I would put in there but I can't say it in public due to mobs with pitchforks ;) Today was a Nadda I wanted to do day. I had to go pick up boxes and packing paper and then food shopping. It was 2pm by the time I got home and had to get dinner ready and then eat something since I hadn't eaten all day and then I was pooped. So what did I do, I trimmed, more like HACKED my bangs. I really need to stop trimming my own hair. Hopefully it will look better in the morning LOL.

  6. This is SOOOOO cute!!! Adorable!!!

  7. this is just way too cute!! the fairy is just beautiful!!

    oh i love nadda days!!!

  8. I really like this tiny box/card. I think it came out so pretty. Some days it seems like I did nothing all day, but that's near impossible with a toddler. However, I will feel less guilty knowing that I'm not the only one taking it easy every once in a while!

  9. The fairy is really pretty. Nadda day sounds like a great day to me hehe...

  10. so lovely! Gotta love a Nadda day!!!

  11. How cute is this Tracy, I love it, the fairy is so pretty too. How about making some little handmade cookies/biscuits and sprinkle with edible glitter as fairy dust.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  12. Haha, I can totally relate! I have a lot of those "nadda days", and yes, everyone needs them once in a while, especially after a busy weekend! Love you creation, the fairy image is soooooo cute! Hugs, Roxy.

  13. Love that little box and of course that fairy is awesome! You could use this for business cards or in your purse for debit and credit cards :o) Hugs!

  14. I like this, that adorable image and the shape.

  15. Very very cute. Love the little fairy

  16. I'm jealous, I would like a nada day! I love the card too :)

  17. That little box is so cute. How thin is thin? Like 1/2" or smaller? Maybe some thin candy bars? Like those snack size ones? I need a nada day too. I have several things I need to get caught up on!

  18. Sooooo cute! I love the fairy, she is just perfect on there!

  19. Cute box! I think a gift card would be perfect for it. Don't you love the nadda days? They are nice once in a while.


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