Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scrappy card and some local talent

Remember that container of long strips of scrap papers.
I had seen this card on the net and thought this type of card would be perfect for using some of them up.
I like the idea of not only using up my scraps, but also of using these banners or tags.
I can see this looking so much prettier with nicer paper. If you remember most of those scraps were from about 15 yrs ago...gasp.
That fancy border was also in this container.
 I am so excited.
Ashley's friend, Tim and his band just put out their new CD.
The launch was tonight.
I love this one song of theirs called Through Troubled Times (Safety found us). Tim sent me the song to check it out, then he gave me permission to use it on my YouTube videos.
This is the only song I have heard so far, I was so impressed and I really do love it. I have even woke up with this song in my head :)

 Ashley got his special addition CD. It is their hand made version of the CD and has extras in it.
If you are interested you can purchase it and download it from the internet through here.
So proud and excited for these local boys :)

Onto My Day:
I worked all day.
But I balanced month end which is always a great relief...until next month ;)
I also had a doctors appointment, oh so much fun...not. But I did get in some reading time waiting to be called.

Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day.
I had my nieces bridal shower that day. So I was thinking of either inviting some friends over on Sunday for an all day scrapbooking day.
Skyping with some of my on-line friends. Even though I have never been on Skype before.
Do you have any plans for National Scrapbooking day?

I hope everyone had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy
    I like your card and think it is a great way to use up those gorgeous strips of paper that are left over. Beautiful butterfly too.
    p.s. funny I have that same strip of border in my p.o.t.d (pile on the desk) lol

  2. Forgot it was National Scrapbook Day. I am going strawberry picking =)

  3. You're so good, I haven't even started balancing April's books. We've branched out to two new cities so I've been really swamped with the setting those up. Nice card and congrats to Tim and his band!

  4. Lovely card with a wonderful design and colours:)
    Wish you a wonderfully weekend:):)Hugs Merethe

  5. your card is awesome!! love everything!!

  6. I have seen this style of card in magazines and the internet too. I think I even have it saved somewhere for future reference, I REALLY should do the same thing, and you KNOW I have some "vintage" scrapbook scraps. ;) I love how you staggered the different strips!

    I never do anything for NSD. Not that I don't need to be doing something with my scrap stuff.

  7. such a sweet card and that IS awesome for that band!

  8. That card is STRIKING! Just beautiful!! :) I really need to look into Skype! Have a great weekend!

  9. Love your card. Great use of scraps and that butterfly is fantastic.

    Congrats to your Tim and his band with their new release. I wish them the best.


  10. Beautiful card and very creative way to use scraps. That is what I will do on Sunday, use up my scraps some more, so I will probably scrap-lift this card!
    Take care and enjoy talking with your friends on skype.

  11. Really pretty card :o) My National Scrapbook day is going to be spent moving my mom, not fun but, hey, you do what you gotta do right? I never really get any craft time in over the weekends since Jeremy is home and that's when we do all of our stuff and lately the week days have been so crazy since school is almost out. I don't get done nearly as much as I would like. That's awesome for the boys you know! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  12. Great looking card. I like that younare using up scraps. I try to do that as much as possible. No big plans for National Scrapbook Day. But hopefully find a little scrapping time.

  13. Your card is really pretty! Doesn't it feel great when you can use up all your old scraps?

    Congrats to your Ddaughters friend! That must be so exciting.

  14. I love that card!

    Congratulations to the boys on their CD, that is awesome!

    I am going to scrap in the morning (after yoga) and then go to a friend's house for a Kentucky Derby party. Fortunately, the party is scheduled to end early, so I can scrap some more Saturday night!

  15. I liked that card,even with your old scraps! I am partial to blues. I enjoyed listening to that song too. It has a catchy beat and tune. I hope they do well! No plans for National Scrapbooking Day. It will be a late night for me tonight, playing in a charity flag football game, then tailgating and work early in the morning. I will probably need a nap - LOL!

  16. Your card is so cool! How old does paper have to be to be vintage? Lol!!! I love that little stamp you used and that butterfly is gorgeous! Pretty cool about Ashley's friend and their band! My plans for National Scrapbooking Day include a barbecue and a Cinco de Mayo party. Haha! I love the idea of Skyping, but I've never done it before it either :)

  17. Its always nice to support local talent, I wish this much success. Your card is cute, always great to use up those scraps. I am going to a week-end demo tmrw at my lss and then I am attending a crop till midnight at another lss in a neighboring, fun and more fun! Enjoy your day

  18. I need to scraplift this card - so very cute. I still have some of that paper in my scrap bins.

  19. Great card; the butterfly is gorgeous!
    Woohoo on the cd, I will have to come back later for a listen; the busy time has hit our household. My kids get involved with the spring stuff, so 5 to 7 days a week will be busy (depending on soccer tournaments). HAve a b-day party coming here for a friend's 50th, we are just the venue, lol. Hope to maybe make a banner, for sure a card and maybe get that scrapbook page done scrapbooking day! Tall order when I have but 6 hours, lol!


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