Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zentangle, spiders and getting lost on a hike

Have you heard of Zentangles.
I had just heard of it on 2 Peas on the stamping board.
Here is a description of them Zentangles.
I love to learn and try my hand at all types of arts and crafts, so I thought I would give it a go.
Here is my finished piece.

So what I did was make a circle mask and stamped this image inside the circle.
Then I made my marks evenly around the circle that I drew.

Then you mark off sections and start to doodle patterns within each section.
These are normally done on 2 1/2 " square pieces of paper. But you know I'm not normal and have to try something different ;)

Here is is all done.
I have a problem with black and white images like this.
Like with the smell of black pencil crayons (yes I am odd) these images seem to give me a headache. And because I love colour, I thought I would add some pizazz to it :)

So I used my Stampin Up water markers to colour in the doodles.
Now this is more my style :)
I am not sure how I like it, I didn't go into a Zen like state while drawing this. Not sure if I will ever do another one again.
But I am glad that I tried my hand at one.

I think I like my doodling better :)

On to My Yesterday:
Well it was a gorgeous day. I didn't sit outside all day, but it was a beautiful one.
 Hilarious story...well to me ;)
Kristy and I went out in the jeep. I opened the window for a bit to cool down the jeep. Then rolled them up. Unaware that a spider came in Kristy's window, dangling on its web thread.
Luckily I was at a stop sign, as she freaked out, undid her seat belt and practically jumped into my lap, lol.
I was laughing so hard, as I put the jeep in park and tried to find the button to open the window. I told her to blow on the spider, then it will float out the window and then close it. I don't think she heard me over her screams.
It did finally go out the window and she rolled it up.
I am still laughing about it. I guess I won't be getting a mother of the year award for this one, lol.

Onto My Day:
After driving Kristy to her co-op, my childhood friend, Kelly and I went to the Cascades for a long hike. We hadn't seen each other in about 1 1/2 years. You wouldn't think so though.
We were following the trails, and looking at the beautiful scenery and laughing our butts off.
When we noticed that the trails got rougher and the trail markers were no longer.
We climbed up a huge hill and at the top was a lady walking her dogs.
We asked her if the parking lot was coming up, which she informed us that there was a field ahead, no parking lot.
Seriously, because I had to pick Kristy up from Co Op in about 45 minutes and we had been walking for well over an hour, closer to 1 1/2 hours.
I don't know how many times Kelly and I get lost during our hikes, lol.
So we hiked back the way we came, but didn't check out the water falls.
As it turned out I was 10 minutes late to pick up Kristy, but we found her walking home, she was 1/2 way there.
Yup, I'll be lucky to get a Mothers day card from her this year, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your zen tangle turned out totally cool!

  2. What are you talking about lady?! Your Zen thing is awesome (I almost said totally awesome but thought I sounded to 80's) I've been doing this for years and had no idea. I used to draw my name with one letter on top of the other and then color it in like stained glass. I have a book that my son absconded with where each page is a whole page of intricate doodling, usually repetitive. Who knew there was a name to it, I call it a compulsion LOL. Wait you drive her every day and pick her up and she's only 20 minutes away? Be a REALLY good mom and make her get her exercise LOL.

  3. Love your zentagle! I think it's definately better with colour. It was really clever to use the stamped image.
    I have to sympathize with your daughter on the whole spider thing. Nasty creatures they are!

  4. wow that is so cool!

    have a happy mother's day this weekend

  5. A gorgeous design! If I had a nickel for every time we have been lost when hiking... it's become a tradition so I can relate. I bet you will get plenty of love for Mother's Day!

  6. Your zentangle is so interesting, I've never heard of those before and it's really cool! I'm cracking up at both of your stories, quite an eventful day, huh? Lol

  7. Very interesting picture there :o) Too funny about the spider incident, although I would have acted the same exact way, totally hate spiders :o) Nice job getting lost! Jeremy did that in a different part of our neighborhood the other night when he decided to take a different route on his walk, I was laughing! Good thing he had his phone because he actually pulled up the GPS to get un lost:o)Have a Wonderful Mother's Day! Hugs!

  8. I like your Zentangle and good for you for trying it!

    Your hike looks pretty; too bad about not seeing the waterfall AND being late!

  9. Hi Tracy! I know I haven't been by in a while, but it's always so nice to see your beautiful work. Hope you have been well. I'd so LOVE to have you stop by and play along at Word Art Wednesday when you can. I recently took it over, and am trying very hard to "grow" interest in it. I'd love to have you share your beautiful work with us there. Hope to see you soon, and I also hope you're doing really well. Have a blessed week!
    Karen L

  10. Such a fun project! Love your zentangle and your colour choices.

  11. Zentangle=amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. That is truly amazing. Really cool way to put doodling to work...other than just doodling :)

  13. Hello, I just stumbled on to your blog, and I am so glad that I did. Your zen-tangles are fascinating and I love that you have many interests. Your blog is full on eye candy: art, baking, cooking, card making, you certainly have a charming list of talents. Please accept my humble invitation to visit my blog and to possibly follow me, too. I am a retired activity director who likes to wear a lot of different hats, and my blog reflects all this interests. Your newest follower, Connie :)

  14. How interesting!!! This looks great! I've never heard of Zentangle - I've just checked out the link... I may give it a go hey! Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. I think I'll let you handle the zentagles, since you do them so well and I don't have the patience.

    Sounds like you were rockin the Mother of Year points (like myself with my son) but I'm sure they'll let you know that they haven't forgotten all the other times you're there for them.

  16. Your Zentangle piece is beautiful. Thanks for giving it a try and showing your progress with finished results. Beautiful!

    Girl, you are a riot. I love reading your blog and the fun you poke at yourself. Kristy will bestow a wonderful Mother's Day gift on you because you are always there for her - even if you were late one time :-)


  17. Fabulous creations Tracy ,I'm Loving the zentangle , great work and well done.
    Hugs Elaine
    Enjoy the weekend

  18. I love the zentangle! That is so cool. My mom used to doodle stuff like that for us when I was younger to color in. They weren't as detailed, but it was so cool to us! This totally brought back those memories!


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