Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Pedicure

Today I got my first pedicure.
I still have some packages left on my spa gift certificate that my girls bought me for my birthday.
If you remember, Ashley also purchased herself a package as well.
So tonight we went together for our 1st pedicure.
It was nice.

See how pretty my toes are :)
Can you tell I wear flip flops during the summer, lol.
I just went with the boring french manicure.
Sadly I noticed both of my big toes are marked up.
Funny as mine were complete before Ashley's, so they had plenty of time to dry. So I will give them a call tomorrow and they can fix them up.
I find it odd, because when I do plain polish on my toes they never get marked up and I walk around while they are still wet, lol.
Seriously, can I be any whiter, lol. Even when I am tanned I still glow in the dark, lol.

Onto My Day:
It was so nice to stay home all day.....well most of the day ;)
It seems like I am never here, so it was so nice to clean up this sh1thole home of ours.
I'll tell you the house sure get messy fast, we seem to only be home to do some laundry, pack up some food and head back out to the cottage.
Cleaning the house... isn't one of my girls' strong points, lol.

Hope you all have a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lol, I hate it whenmy toes get messed! I have noticed that when I do my toes and am waiting for them to dry, how often I bang or bump the nails! Urgh!
    I have colour this year, but must not have had shoes on for those times; no tan lines. ;0)

  2. Yup, I hate that too because it takes so much time to do!

  3. I usually paint mine a solid color. Right now they are black and in sore need of a redo. I've barely been outside this summer so I am ready with my ghost costume for Halloween :D. And guess what I put up a blog post and a video. DON'T PASS OUT! I know. And the bigger kicker - IT'S A PROJECT!!!! Holy crap, I know. You're on the floor right now aren't you. He he. Hope your week goes by quickly so you can get back to the cottage. Not much time left. I can't wait for the kids to start school 8 days left. It's a holiday weekend so I feel better knowing all parents have to suffer with me.

  4. Nice feet, um white? you call that white. OH hell NO girlfriend that isn't even close to white. bisque maybe but not lilly @ss white like ME!!!!
    Yea, I need to clean the BLEEEP house too. Honey was made cause all my time in room and not with him. Then didn't put the towels away. ooops. So guess what I will be doing tomorrow? LOl have a good one

  5. glad you had fun with your pedi! i love getting mine done!

  6. Oh, the joy of having your feet pampered! Messy house? Wouldn't know anything about that here - cough, cough ;-)

  7. I hate when my pedicure gets messed up! I just love getting pedicures though! Aren't they so relaxing?

  8. I have never had a pedicure it looks like fun :)

  9. I can never get a pedicure. I won't even let dh touch my feet! lol. I have that flip flop tan line thing too. I get it every summer even though I usually put sunscreen on my feet.

  10. My favorite part of a pedicure is the foot massage. I swear, I always mark my toes when I get a professional pedicure done. (Which I've had like, two or three. lol!) But when I do my own, they hardly ever mark. Go figure! I wish I tanned like you. I swear I'm related to the Cullen family. lol!

  11. I'm cracking up at your toes! I hate when that happens! I hope they fixed them for you. Enjoy not being at home, it will cold and snowy and you'll be stuck at home before too long, right? Lol!


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