Friday, August 17, 2012

Butterflies galore

I mentioned that I was going to share all the cards that I made on my girls creative get away, and here is the first one :)
This is the only one that I didn't colour with my Copics.....oops thats not true either. I did colour the butterflies and around the sentiment with my Copics.

This is the card I made for the the sweet, generous zucchini person :)
Debbie and I wrote a nice little thank you in here. Then we put it in a ziplock bag, as it looked like rain, and put the card in her little basket :)

Onto My Day:
I worked all day. Because we are at the cottage so much this summer and I have been away on my great little vacations, I was behind on my book work. I hate to get behind, especially in the summer as that is our busy time.

I found a dress I really like that I am wearing to my nieces wedding tomorrow :)
Actually it is Ashley's dress that I had just picked up from the States ;)
So the one I bought last night, is going back to the store.
I was going to take photos of me in the outfits to share on here, but then changed my mind. I didn't put any make up on today, or do my hair. And honestly I didn't want to, lol.

I received some happy mail from accross the border. I wanted to video me opening it. But sadly my daughter has my tri-pod in the back of her jeep :)
It is a birthday gift from my friend and fellow YouTuber. I have had it since Wednesday. It is killing me to open it.

I hope you all had a creative Friday.
Wow, I actually had to ask the family what day it was today, lol.

Tracy :)


  1. Glad that you found a "borrowed" ;0). Dress to wear! Take a picture when you are all "dolled" up tomorrow!
    What a kind touch to leave a card for the zucchini lady- everyone appreciates thoughtfulness! It is such a pretty card, too!
    Heehee on having to wait to open the happy mail! ;0p

  2. Glad you had a wonderful getaway and got some crafting done. Love the card and how sweet to leave it for the zuchinni person! I'm planning on staying in pj's all day tomorrow (except for my diet coke run...I'll put on pants!) and no make up..I'm so looking forward to it and crafting all day.

    Thanks so much for the get well wishes and positive thoughts for my step-daughter, it's been rough, but hopefully she will be home soon.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful card, Tracy! Love your youtube channel!

  4. Love the card! Next summer I'm coming to stay with you the whole summer ;D Not to give you nightmares or anything LOL. I need to not be stuck in the house for almost 2 months straight. I really really do not enjoy moving. Thank god it is over (and my room is finally done and video will go up tomorrow!)

  5. well good things come to those that wait huh? LOL I am holding to that. LOL Aw what a pretty card and I am sure most appreciated. Big hugs and can't wait to see the pics of your very pretty nieces wedding. I am sure she will be a stunning bride!

  6. Lovely card, love the inside. You always make the inside of the card special. Hope you have fun at the wedding.

  7. Love the colors in the card. Have a fabulous time at the wedding!

  8. Such a pretty card. I love butterflies. Have a great time at the wedding.

  9. I love your card, those colors are so soft and pretty. I bet the zucchini person loved it! So sweet of you and Debbie :) Awesome that you found a dress you LOVE, you'll have THAT much more fun :) This summer has just flown by and i feel like I'm meeting myself coming and going...

  10. I love the card, it is perfect for a thank you to the zucchini person!

    Yay for finding an awesome dress for the wedding!


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