Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Girls Creative Getaway...Hike Day

I have to tell you I am having a blast at my girls creative get away.
We have each made about 6 cards, and have them on display for their group photo at the end of our vacation.
This is a photo of Debbie and I at the top of the mountain.
I think we look pretty damn good for hiking up a steep mountain for 3 hours ;)

Yesterday we went for an hour walk. I tell you, when you walk with a friend time sure flies, because it didn't seem like an hour walk.
Picked up some veggies from someone that leaves them at the end of their driveway for the taking.
We picked up a cucumber for lunch, and a zucchini that Debbie tells me tastes delish on the BBQ. Which by the way she is going to be cooking for supper tonight ;)

Hope you all have a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy...I have to say..I'm a little jealous of your girls weekend!! Looks like you are staying in a beautiful place! Nothing better than a great location, awesome friends and creating..oh and someone else cooking!! ;)
    Have a great time and post a pic of those cards! :D

  2. So fun! Glad you're having a good time!

  3. Must be super fun! Wow, hiking for 3 hrs you two look awesome!

  4. Wow! A three hour hike! That is awesome!!

    I hope the zucchini was yummy tonight! I'm glad you are having a fun getaway!

  5. you do look good for a 3 mile hike. I think I would look better cause I would be at the bottom of the hill in a lawn chair with a coke. LOL Nope, just joshing ya. LOL how was supper?

  6. You look fantastic! Debbie is right, zucchini on the grill is great! Sounds like you're having a great time :)

  7. I'd be looking like a hot damn mess after a 3 hour hike, but y'all look fantastic and love the back drop!



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