Saturday, August 11, 2012

Growing Roots

Isn't this pictures so pretty.
It was taken by Kristy last weekend at our cottage at sunset.

Today my brother David, his wife Amanda and my two adorable nephews went home.
They came up last weekend, then stayed at a campsite during the week then came up here on Friday night and then headed back home this afternoon.
I love when my family comes up. But from last weekend and this weekend I have been sitting so much I think I was starting to grow roots, lol.
I did go for my long evening walk last night though.

So Hubby and I have done a few chores around the cottage today.
I think we may have a small camp fire tonight and I am hoping to work on my camp journal for 2004.
I printed up the photos and I will try and get some journaling done. We didn't come up as often in that year, so it shouldn't take as long as the last few years I have done.

Wayne is taking a swim, the water is just a bit to cold for me. I am a summer baby so I don't like the water to chilly. Wayne was born in February, so that is why he doesn't mind the cold...that's my theory on in anyway ;)

Hope you all have a creative Saturday :)
I was hoping to get some colouring in this weekend, but that didn't happen. But Monday is my friend Debbie and my creative getaway so there is going to be plenty of colouring going on then :)

Tracy :)


  1. Enjoy your campfire...roast a marshmallow for me.
    We had a propane campfire last night and roasted marshmallows and I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!!! ARRRRGH What kind of scraqwpbooker am I? teehee
    It is just teh second time glamour girl has ever come camping and so we had our whole family here last night.
    Hopefully I can talk them into another campfire is the icecream social, the kiddie dance and also the girls want to do pedicures and manicures soooo...maybe not!
    Have lots of fun at your camp!

  2. tonight hubs and I went out side to see the comet shower. It was cool but not as many at one time as they said. that was disappointing but I saw 5 one for each member of the family. I am sure it will be a card marathon on your girls week.

  3. Beautiful sunset photo! Hope you are having fun!

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you get coloured and what you are colouring!

  5. Beautiful sunset that Kristy captured. Have fun at your creative getaway with Debbie.

  6. Kristy's picture is beautiful! We've been SO busy here, no roots growing yet, ha! You are going to have so much fun with Debbie, I remember last year's trip!

  7. Beautiful picture! Sounds like y'all are having a great summer!!! I'm with you...I don't like being cold especially when swimming (and I'm a Feb. baby)!


  8. That is a beautiful picture Kristy took! I'm a May baby, and I don't like the cold water either. AJ is December, and he is never ever cold! He always has the AC blasting and the fan on high! It is definitely those winter birthdays, they don't get cold!

  9. Wooow!!!!this photo is really beautiful,love it:):):)



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