Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Rubber and a bit of this and that

When I went to the states, do you remember me saying that I had a package at the border with some stamps I had ordered waiting for me?
Well today I am finally going to show you them....well the first part of the package anyway :0
Yes I got a bit carried away, but hey you only live once right, lol.
Here are the CC Designs, Swiss Pixie and Sugar Plum stamps...I am not sure if they are all part of the same company or designer, but they sure are all cute ;)

Since I have shared so many of the meals I have ate on our recent mini vacations, I thought I would share what we eat when we are at the cottage.
This is turkey wrapped in bacon. I buy at our local M&M meats shop. I love it. It comes frozen and we just add a bit of BBQ sauce on them and pop them on the barbe.
The salad is a bagged salad that we like to add to. On this one, we added a bit of sliced grape tomatoes and some croutons.  The corn on the cob came from a neighbour out here. He lives in Wisconsin and has a family farm. They had a bad year for their crops as the rain just didn't come. So we are extra grateful that he brought some up for us.
Even though we are at the cottage we eat good, and even though we eat well, we still enjoy the convenience of easy meals....and paper plates, lol.

I always keep my sunglasses on Mr Bear. He is our cookie jar, minus the cookies, lol. Well I noticed that Kristy tried to steal my spot. That is a no no, lol.

So I put her sunglasses on Mr Bobble head bear, lol.

Onto My Day:
We had a tornado warning around this area last night. I wasn't worried, and I didn't need be either as we had some lightening and thunder in the distance, but really nothing to worry about.
My girlfriend Debbie on the other hand, hates storms and her camp is about 45 minutes away from us and they got the storm and lost power. They still didn't have power today :(
Poor Debbie, a storm and no coffee this morning.

We did get a down pour this afternoon, but it cooled things off here.
Wayne still went for his swim though.

I have been informed that the siding guys came by and cleaned up the old siding.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Aww, such cute images!
    Wednesday, it started to feel rather fallish. :0/

  2. Dinner looks delicious. Gotta love fresh corn. Mama Bear and Baby Bear glasses holders are very sweet :).

  3. LOVE your new stamps!! One thing is for sure, once it does get less hot (I don't want to say the C word) you will have so many awesome new supplies and goodies to keep yourself busy! Your meal looks so yummy and fresh. That's one of the things I love best about summer, cooking out on the grill! Well, we grill out all year, even in the (insert S word here). It's just not the same. I'm so cracking up at the sunglasses, I even showed Abie. We were both laughing!! So happy that the siding company cleaned up their mess!!

  4. Very cute stamps, can't wait to see cards you making from them. I love the cookie jar. My family don't have a cookie jar, it would always be empty too. =P

  5. Lovely shopping again,hehe love your stamps and your food looks great too:):)


  6. I love all of the stamps!

    Your bear cookie jar/sunglass holder is too cute!

    I hope Debbie has power back soon! A storm and no coffee is terrible!

  7. Cute stamps! Can't wait to see the cards you create with them.

    The food looks great...we eat so much healthier up at the lake. We grill out every night (except in lightning and thunderstorms, teehee)
    DH is up getting ready to close up the RV...not quite dewinterizing yet but pruning trees and hedges, and generally getting ready to close it up.
    I am so excited as I managed to weedle out of going this trip...I am staying home to finally finish reorganizing my scrpbook room. I started quite a while back and never finished. Fingers crossed I get through it before he returns.

  8. Love the two bear sunglasses holders!


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