Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rain rain go away.....

Saturday wasn't the best day, weather wise.
Most of the day it was chilly, but didn't rain until later in the afternoon.
My girls don't mind when it rains at camp as they like to take a walk in the rain or look at rain bounce off the lake, and get some photos.
Ashley was hiding under her umbrella, so my dad helped me out here, teehee.

 Remember I had mentioned that when my family comes to the cottage they figure we have to stay outside no matter the weather....even when its pouring.
This is my little brother David ( I love to call him my little brother as he is over 6ft tall and I am under 5ft) and my nephew (his son) Dustin.

Tom even had fun in the rain as well.

Here is our 1st fire of the season. It has been so dry we couldn't have one.
Notice that there isn't anyone around it?
The rain stopped, so Wayne started the fire and as soon as it got going, it poured.
Funny thing is, it survived the down pour. So Wayne, Sharon (Waynes sister) and I stood around it until bed time.

Here is what Ashley did while the rain was coming down. She found a signal to her 3G internet and checked out her facebook :)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday and enjoyed some time with your family :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like you had a productive rainy day!

  2. Wayne must be one heck of a fire starter to get it to make it all the way through the rain storm. Lol! Love that picture of Ashley. Whatever a girl's gotta do, right? :)

  3. While you had rain we had 33 and 34 degree heat. I was praying for some rain...we leave for the lake at 7am tomorrow...I spend the last 5 days watering (illegally) in order to soak everything for when we are away.
    Don't want to use my timer as we blew a hose and our neighbours were really mad!!! Poor people!

  4. Rotfl at Ashely huddling at the window for a signal!

  5. Haha funny that everyone still stays outside in the rain!

  6. I love that everyone stayed outside even when it rained! And that the fire made it through the down pour!

    My brother is also over 6ft tall, and I'm just over 5, so I call him my "little" brother too. I don't think he enjoys it very much though!

    Ashley is too funny with the phone signal. Of course, I'm the same way. My phone was resetting for about four hours today, and I was not a happy girl!


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