Friday, August 24, 2012

Same sketch, different cards.

If I knew or cared how to edit my photos I would discard the bottom of this photo. I placed these cards on the hot tub cover to take the photo. I should have zoomed in a bit.
These cards were made on my girls creative weekend that my friend Debbie and I took.
I made a suggestion that we should follow the same sketch and see what we come up with.
And if you know me, if its suggested, we're going to do it, lol. Just really ;)

So here are our cards from the same sketch.
Mine is on the left and Debbies is on the right.
Funny thing about these cards is, I used one of her stamps and she used one of my stamps.
I know Debbie paper pieced the gorjuss girls dress and coloured the rest of the image with Copics.
I love her card. That velum paper on the bottom of her card is so pretty....I picked myself up some after that weekend ;)

 Now a closer look at the one I made. I forgot to take a close up of her card :(
I don't know the stamp name as it wasn't mine, but it sure is cute isn't it.
I coloured this image up with my Copic markers.
I used some twine instead of ribbon for a couple of reasons:
1. I didn't have any ribbon with me ;)
2. I didn't want to take away from this pretty background paper.

I used a white gel pen to colour and give dimension to the pearls she is wearing around her neck.

Here is the inside of the card.
The image that I stamped is also from this same stamp set.

Onto My Day:
We are at the cottage :)
We left last night after supper. Yup I was home for less then 24 hours and was headed out the door again.
Last night I had to keep getting up and check on things. I think because I have been in 5 different beds in less then two weeks, I just needed to get my mind adjusted to my environment, lol.

It is a warm one here today. I am not complaining, believe me. I love the warmth. We will be getting the colder weather soon enough :(

Yesterday I phoned the siding guys about cleaning up the old siding out of our yard.
He came by because I also told him that they forgot to put the doorbell back on.
So he fixed that, but as of today they still have not cleaned up the siding :(

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :) 


  1. beautiful cards. I love them both. Funny how one sketch can go so many ways. LOL
    Hugs and enjoy the heat while I freeze my @ssets off. 60 degrees today:(

  2. I love seeing same but different with sketches, or use of the same supplies. I love the Eiffel tower on the paper-perfect for the girl with the mirror!
    Urgh on the siding mess still sitting!

  3. Two great cards and take on a sketch. Wonderful. Iknow you said you don't care about editing your photos. (I use PAINT in Windows to crop my pictures - its really easy to use.) TFS

  4. What a pretty card!!! Love the inside too.

  5. Love, love your card! Placing the little girl in front of the Eiffel Tower is genius. It is like she is dreaming of her day in Paris! You both did lovely takes on the same sketch.

  6. Both are real cute card.
    You enjoy that that as it is 39F this morning.
    That is barely above freezing.
    Cait is freezing in the house this morning!

  7. These are both so cute. I had to show the one with the flower tutu to my dance-loving dd. She loves that kind of stuff.

  8. I love that you guys used the same sketch, such different results. I love that vellum on the bottom of Debbie's card too. So pretty! Hope you are enjoying your time at the cabin. We're kind of in between temps here. Not quite hot enough, for me, to swim, but not cool enough to turn the air off and hang out in jeans. Still very humid here. I really hope they can come back out and clean up their mess...

  9. I love the two different takes on the same sketch! They are both wonderful!

    I hope you were able to get acclimated to your new surroundings! Being unsettled is such an icky feeling. Last time I went home, I had the same issue. We were going back and forth between my parents' houses and I was definitely unsettled!

  10. Love the different feel to each one!

  11. Gorgeous and beautifully cards:):)
    Love them both.:):)



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