Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When the Circus comes to Town....I should stay home.

Today Heather and I went to the CLE (Canadian Lakehead Exhibition)
We haven't gone in years as it is very pricey.
But my friend had won, then given me the 5 tickets she had won. I had promised them to others.
But Heather and I got to use 2 of them :)

Heather enjoys the rides. I used to love them as well.
Here we are on the "Sizzler". For all you 80's kids it is the "Scrambler".
I have to admit, I wasn't feeling the best after the ride. I had to sit for a bit before getting off the ride. The carnie even gave me his hand to help me down, lol.
How pathetic am I.

 Can you believe this was one of my favourite rides back in the day. "The Zipper".
I think I would puke if I went on it now, lol.

Good thing I saved the food until after the ride.
My favourite circus food of all time.............Elephant Ears :)
Sadly, I bought one, but couldn't eat it as I was still feeling a bit oozy.

 This is another one of my favourite treats, Cotton Candy :)
But I forgot to buy a bag, duh. 

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. LOL, my favourite was the zipper too. I went on the Scrambler in May with my nephew. Hadn't been on a ride in YEARS. He's 10. I sat on the outside so I wouldn't crush him as we were pushed to the edge of the car but his head ended up squished to my chest the whole time. Awkward!!

  2. LOVE cotton candy and the mini doughnuts!
    I cannot handle spinning rides any more either- not even a swing! I get nauseous! It was like having kids turned my equilibrium around- I was never like that when I was er... Younger...

  3. YUM! Fried dough! I have a weak stomach now too!

  4. I don't think I would puke but I would definitely pee my pants with laughing or screaming....or both!
    I love elephant ears too, yummy!

  5. Ok what is an elephants ear i;m guessig and hoping its not really an elephants ear??? i am in australia so have never heard orf these?

    1. No they are not real elephant ears, teehee.
      They are actually deep fried sheets of dough and then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

  6. so sorry you weren't feeling well!! oh how i love amusement rides!!!

  7. You are so much braver than me. I can't even watch my kids on a carousel any more - makes me feel sick just watching the movement. We are taking a road trip next week to Connecticut, and one of our destinations is a Six Flags theme park - whoo hoo (not). I hate them,so I end up carrying the back packs and sitting and reading. But I will make them pay by insisting they come to the craft shops with me and carrying all my bags of bargain goodies LOL. Happy Crafting.

  8. I saw something on the news that as we get older we can't really do these rides anymore. Another joy of aging! I couldn't handle anything that turned me upside down years ago, but I loved the traditional rollercoasters. Good for you for giving your inner child a chance to run!

  9. That is awesome that you were able to go with the free tickets!

    I love elephant ears! And cotton candy! And all of that terribly but oh so yummy fair food!

    Surprisingly, I can go on the upside down, backwards crazy roller coasters and rides, but a simple car or bus ride and I am dizzy and sick! For me, worst part of going to the amusement park is the drive there!

  10. I am the same way on a lot of rides now!
    Especially the scrambler!

  11. Awh, sorry you didn't feel well after the ride bit glad you and heather got to go together! I forgot all about the zipper! What's an elephant ear?

  12. I only go to the fair to check out the exhibits. I didn't even do that this year. It has gotten so darn pricey.


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