Monday, August 20, 2012

Yummy food and creative goodies :)

Started our shopping day with a healthy breakfast of fruit and dip.
Okay, honestly I also had one of those cream horns from last night as well ;)

First stop Archivers :)
I forgot to print up my coupon from home and at first she wasn't going to give it to me.
Like seriously Archivers couldn't afford my $5.00 off my pricey purchase. I understand rules are rules. And I didn't question her, I was just going to leave my purchase there to see if I could print one up at the hotel.
Then she said she will give me a generic code of my savings on one of my purchases.
I know more paper packs that I don't need, lol.

We followed the girls as they went to their stores then it was time for lunch.
My favourite place to stop for lunch is the Crepe Stand. YUMMY
Sharon had strawberry, I had banana caramel and the girls each had banana and chocolate.
YUMMY, oh did I say that already ;)

Isn't this so pretty. It is a dress made out of paper invitations.
Now that I think of it, I may have shared this before on an older post.
But its just so pretty.

Before leaving our all day adventure at Mall of America I had to hit up the Peeps Store.
Can you believe they didn't have any ducky peeps :(
But I did get a couple chocolate covered peep. Now don't go hatin' Dena ;)

Then off to Red Lobster for dinner :)
We wanted to get there early, so we gave ourselves plenty of time to get there.
But Lola (our GPS) and Sharon, my SIL, just couldn't get it right.
I had Kristy telling me directions via Lola and Sharon giving my different directions.
Finally I had to say (a little firmly I may add) okay only one person at a time.
I have to say, Sharon got us lost, so we put her in the back seat. Kristy came in the front with Lola and we found our destination, lol.

Last scrapbooking store was Scrapbookers Too.
I'm hoping I don't have that Magnolia magazine, lol.
Heather told me I should get the Tim Holtz die cuts. Good taste eh? :)
I think next time I may get the small dies like this. I am running short on American money, and I think the girls would rather eat a few meals while we are here, lol.

Here are the stamps I picked up at that same store.
That purple thing in the back is some honey comb paper. It will open like those 3D paper wedding bells. So when this paper is cut, you attach it to the inside of the card, so when the card is opened, the shape you cut spreads open in that 3D shape.

So that was my Day, no shooting, no quads falling off vehicles, just getting lost in heavy traffic.
As Sharon was heading out to have a cigarette, Kristy yells to her, "Don't get killed eh", lol.
Thats what I call smoking at your own risk, lol.
We are heading in the hot tub now as Sharon needs to ease her aching muscles. I have to admit I do to, lol.
Plus I am sitting here with my new track jacket on freezing, as these weirdos have the air conditioning on again. Seriously what is wrong with these people, lol.  That hot tub sounds so warm and relaxing. We just need to clear the little kids out of there, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)
I so want to play with all my fun new goodies.

Tracy :)


  1. YUMMY!! Food AND scrapping goodies! My oh my...

  2. I think I gained ten pounds just reading your post, and now I'm really hungry!!! What an awesome stash you picked up and sounds like you're having a great time!!!


  3. Glad you are enjoying your shopping expedition. And I bet you can't wait to get home to create with it all. Yummy looking food.

  4. awesome find and yes, that store and you always have a issue. They need to get a clue. you can shop somewhere else! LOL Yummy goodies. especially the dies and stamps. I have the small ones of those dies but not the big ones. I will be getting them. Santa told me so;)
    Big hugs and be careful.

  5. Another fabulous haul - you really are having a good old time:-) TFS

  6. oh that fruit looks so yummy- i love fruit when someone else cuts it all up for me- LOL!!

    wonderful shopping haul!!!!

  7. Lots of fun goodies!glad she gave you the discount :)
    And how funny that there is a Peep store!

  8. WOW! It must be fun to shop with you! :) LOTS of fabulous goodies! And those crepes and peeps look delicious!

  9. Lots of goodies!!! Those die cuts look like fun.

  10. Wow! So many yummy foods *drooling hehe.... The stamp with the girl riding the bike is cute cute.

  11. I like your kind of lunch. Looks like fun. Wish I could tag along

  12. I got hungry just reading your post! lol

  13. I'd never heard of a Peeps STORE! That's pretty amazing. Fun finds!


    Wish you a lovely week:):)

    Hugs Merethe

  15. Yum! I got stuck on the Red Lobster picture!

  16. Ok, love the Christmas stamp! And the red lobster, yum! That typewriter die is so cool, can't wait for you to try that out so I can see if I like it for real, lol! Hope you scared all the kids out of the hot tub, ha!

  17. Oh wow! All of that food looks so yummy! I just finished dinner and I'm all hungry again after looking at your post...guess I'll have to go eat the rest of the pizza!

    I love "shopping" with you and seeing all of the goodies you bought!

    Have fun in the hot tub!

  18. I want you and Wayne to adopt me, just for one summer? Not asking much eh? YAY, you got Happy Haunting - good cuz I ain't sharing! You got some wonderful new goodies :). Sounds like a great trip.

  19. Those crepes look divine! Wish we had one of those restaurants near here!! And I love, love, love chocolate covered peeps!!! I would be bundled up in a sweatshirt, as my husband likes the air turned low also.... and I'd be all about the hot tub! Sounds like you had a fantastic time!

  20. Wow - so many fun things! You are going to be busy for awhile breaking in these new stamps and inks. My Archivers in Nashville would take my coupon on my phone so if you have a smart phone and can show them the email, they can take the code that way! Just for future reference for the next trip. :)


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