Friday, August 30, 2013

Augusts Monthly Tag for Tim Holtz challenge

I did it...just in the nick of time :)
I finished my Tag for August.
If you have been following me, then you know that I have been trying to do all of Tim Holtz monthly tags.
I have done them all, but one month I was a bit late.

For this month Tim was focusing on layered masks, stamps and his distress stain.
I only used 1 out of his 3.
I wanted to focus on his travel theme.
If you know me then you know i love my road trips.
As I lay my head against my pillow last night, thinking of my tag the first thing I thought of was to use an old map for the background.
I used a brown tag for the background and cut the map a tad smaller then the tag.

I used some stickers for the word "Road Trip" and the charm is attached with a fishing swivel.
I cut down a hotel card envelope and added alcohol ink to the actual card key.
If you look close you can see I punched the ticket coupon with today's date ;)

I stamped this old car. It was the closest stamp I had that was close enough to the look of my jeep. Yeah, its a stretch I know ;)
I came across this flair button with a map on it, and thought it pretty cool and added a bit of colour to the tag.

Before I could work on my tag, I had to clean off my desk.
Scary isn't it, lol.
I haven't created down in my craft room for many months. I have been creating at the cottage or upstairs, so my desk has become a dumping ground.
The reason the table cloth is on there is for when I take photos of my projects. I just cover all the nastiness and snap away, lol.
But believe me my desk is all tidy again.....can't say the same for the floor though ;)

I don't want you to go away with that messy desk burnt into your eyes, so here is another look at my tag.
I am happy to say that this tag turned out just how I had planned. And we all know that doesn't happen very often.

Well we are off to the cottage for this long weekend.
I am bringing as much creative supplies as last weekend as I hear it is suppose to rain a lot :(

Hope you all have a creative day and a wonderful weekend. You know I will be posting over the weekend, as I don't think I have missed a day posting since I had started my blog over 3 yrs ago.

Tracy :)


  1. Fabulous tag - and I love the use of the map and the little charm. Have fun crafting. Supposed to rain here too and Andy is home tonight for the weekend, off to the airport soon to go pick him up :-)

  2. Oh my dear what have you done to that poor innocent floor. rofl (if I could ;) ) Love the tag and Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. Great tag. Tracy! Love the punched ticket along with all of your other elements -- enjoy your weekend!

  4. Gorgeous Tag!!! The car stamp is my favorite!

  5. I love that your desk looks like my office - I have a tiny space that I just clear away when I need to take pics. Love your tag - I love map images, glad that you got it done in time!

  6. Awesome tag I would so love to do one of the tags but I am soooo intimidated by the thought, funny part I have most of the elements you used. BTW love your blog. I might not comment every day but I do read, and giggle too.

  7. I love the way this tag turned out! You fit so much detail into all of your projects!

  8. Love the tag and LOVING that your scrap table looks like

  9. Tracy, I LOVE how that tag turned out!

  10. I love the tag! The map is very cool!

    My desk looks just like yours :) I never thought of using a table cloth to photograph though! What a great idea! I'll need to try that one out. I had a pretty wood floor in Chicago that I started using (after many other trial and errors) but I can't find a place here in Baton Rouge yet...except when I hang things on the door!


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