Friday, August 16, 2013

Home Made Mini Smash Book.....Making Ashley's house a Home...Day 2

I had shared the home made smash/type book I had made with my friend Debbie while we were away at our creative getaway in an earlier post.
But today I thought I would go into more there won't be a tutorial, sorry Becky ;)  But I will give you a little walk through :)
Here is my book

And here is both mine and Debbie's.
Like most of the cards we did this weekend, they are similar yet different.
We both used the same stamp collection, Prima dolls. But used different girls.
We used the same papers.
We used the same layout.
But as you can see they are a bit different.
For one thing we coloured them to look like us....well with longer legs and a skinner waist line ;)
As you can see Debbie made an "all about me" book. I guess she liked the idea of my "all about me" book that I started working on in May :)
I am not yet sure what this here book will be used for.

So the first thing I did was gather some chipboard.
I just used some thicker chipboard you can get from the backs of  the 12x12 paper pads. I never throw them away.
A tip: When picking up 12x12 loose papers from a store, ask for chipboard to keep the papers from chipboard ;)
I then cut the chipboard to the size of 7.5"x 6.5". We had seen the smaller smash books at a store, and Debbie really liked the size. As I always say "I can make that". So we did, lol.
We then used some thicker pattern paper with patterns on both front and back and cut them at 7"x6"
Before using my Bind it all to bind the pages together, we added the black decorative paper to the edge.
And voila we have a couple of really cute books.
Oh ya, we coloured the images with our Copics.
I also used washi tape on mine. It is the black strip with the pink flowers :)
Here are the colours I used for my girl. I totally forgot to get a photo of the colours Debbie used.

Onto My Day:
Ashley and I woke up early to hit Home Depot to pick up her paint and other painting and home supplies.
Then I ran to McDonalds for their breakfast as we didn't get to eat before we left the excited I guess.
I vacuumed and then washed the baseboards and such.
Ashley went to pick up her sister up from home, as she didn't want them to have to wake up so early.
Then we all painted, and painted and painted.
I met one of the neighbours.
Ashley also got a load of topsoil as she wants to raise her yard a bit.
We also got a few visitors, and Ashley gave them all tours ;)

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)
Oh ya and if you're wondering...yes I am really as pale as my Copic coloured girl is.
I think I surprised Debbie when I showed her that I actually have a tan, by showing her my proof, of the tan marks on my feet made by my flip flops, lol.
I am still so pale, lol.

Tracy :)


  1. These are gorgeous!! Love the coloring. No faces though. lol. My feet usually get flip flop tan marks too. Not this year though-I spent my summer in tall garden boots because of the tick problem. I have tan lines on my calves now. UGH. But no tick bites so far.

  2. Love both of these Prima doll images! fabulous colours and love that you made your own Smash book. We need a video tour or some pictures of Ashley's new house :-) Must be so exciting! Have a great day.

  3. Well this was kind of a tutorial :) thank you! I don't have a bind it all so I would have to figure it a different way to bind mine. I love the girl on the front though!! I love all these tales about Ashley's house!

  4. Really lovely colouring with those reds. I find red so hard to work with!

  5. I love your books, both yours and Debbie's. The papers and stamps are fab. Think I need to get a bind it all!
    Sounds like Ashley's home is coming on well now.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. Great coloring of the Primas! Very neat that you both made smash books!

  7. One day when I grow up I want to colour like you. I loves those Prima girl stamps - you do such an awesome job with them!

  8. Adorable! I love those prima stamps!


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