Monday, October 28, 2013

A little bit of Decor.

Funny how buying a new chandelier can bring on a chain reaction to changing other decor in the home :)
Picture is crooked not the sconce ;)

See what I'm talking about?
Our old chandelier had gold in it, so the candle sconces went well with them.
They now stand out like a sore thumb.
Every time I looked in the dining room they just screamed at me.."I don't belong here"!!!

Heather, Kristy and I had quite a few errands to do today and ran into a few stores.... these candle holder sconces caught my eye.
I really love heart shapes, I always have.
And these, on either side of this drawing of my 3 beautiful daughters, went perfect.

The girls were all going to Ashley's tonight, so I texted Wayne that we should go out for dinner.
So we went to Montana's for supper.

We thought we were being cleaver and got a booth on the bar side to avoid kids....we love kids, believe me we really do...had 3 of them ourselves.....but lately we have noticed in restaurants, they are loud and obnoxious and parents just seem to ignore them instead of using "going out" as a teaching tool on how to have table manners and how to act in public.
Enough of my rant.
Well anyway, there was a young boy behind us playing a video game during dinner.
Not something I would  allow....but whatever....every family is different.
But, I was ready to ask the parents if there was a volume or mute button on that thing.
Guess I'm getting old, lol.

I finally know which pictures I am going to use on my scrapbook pages :)
I printed some photos off on my Selfie and went to Black's to get a 5x7 photo printed up.
I AM going to complete this 2 page layout tomorrow, and share it with you all.

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. They look good with the new light fixture!
    Love Montana's.

  2. The sconces look great! So does your appetizer :) It's so frustrating when you go out to dinner and then there are kids that act like that. And I have younger kids, so I know it's possible to make them behave in 2013! Lol! Looking forward to your layout!

  3. I like the new sconces that match your new chandelier. Funny how the new black items change the room after replacing the gold items. Beautiful and now complete.

    I have to agree with you on the behavior of kids in public places now days. Guess that means I am getting old as well. The screaming sets my teeth on edge, and the kids wandering all over the place just make me cringe. If they are a sampling of our future.....God help us :/

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  4. Looking good! LOL sooo whats next... you can't stop there :)
    And Montanna's !..... yum yum..

  5. The sconces look great! I was just thinking that I need to buy some for over our couch, and there they were on your blog!

    Your dinner looks delicious! I am with you on the video games. The noises they make are so annoying. A girl was playing one on a long flight once, and the noise was driving me crazy! She should have had it on mute or used headphones - people wouldn't have liked it if someone was playing music sans headphones, its practically the same thing! Okay, I'm done ranting now too :)

    Looking forward to seeing your layout!

  6. Good call on the sconces. The new ones are a perfect match. And I can totally relate to the kid thing. I love 'em too but my luck was always to have the kid behind me on the plane who would kick the seat the entire flight. Every single time. Not sure what happened to simple manners, but they don't seem to exist anymore... Looking forward to your finished pages. :)

  7. Love the new sconces, they look fabulous with the new chandelier and I love that picture! TFS

  8. The new ones look great! And , I SO agree, too many parents let their kids run wild and are not taught proper manners in a restaurant! An aside- when on a flight, there were 2 people playing games with their volumes up! Um, that is what head sets are for . I was not impressed.


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