Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Burning Bridges

Sadly last night the James St swing bridge was on fire.
The city still is unsure of how it started.
Wayne was actually heading for the other side of the bridge last night, I opted to stay at home, and couldn't cross it as it was on fire...the firetrucks showed up when Wayne was heading back home.
There are also train tracks that travel in the centre of this bridge.
Some in the city wonder if someone had set it on fire as it was old and getting unsafe.
This is not our photo.

Today Heather, Kristy and I had to run some errands. One of them being to pick up some Pumpkins. Then we decided to visit the Halloween House.
Every year the owners of this house decorate for Halloween like no one I have ever seen.
They transform their whole house.
They even board up the windows, add fencing and park a hearse in the driveway.

Of course this is one of my favourite parts of their display...zombie ;)

If you are familiar with Return of the Living Dead then you all know this is the "Brains" zombie ;)

I just wonder where they store all this cool stuff after Halloween?

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cool Halloween House! Too bad about the fire on the bridge...will it make peoples commutes longer?

  2. On no crappy about the bridge. Hopefully the disruption won't be to bad. Ummm... You know I love the Halloween house. Super creepy. Thanks for posting photos.

  3. Oh, gosh. Sorry to hear bout the bridge. Lad you enjoyed visiting the Halloween house. Tomorrow is te big day for the little ones.

  4. how horrible about the bridge.
    love the halloween house- so fun

  5. Sorry about the bridge, it was Devil's night last night so it might have been set. Great Halloween house though. Happy Halloween!!

  6. That is so sad about the bridge :( do you think they will rebuild it? I love it when people go all out with their decorating like that! So fun!!

  7. Such a shame about the bridge - hope no-one was hurt though! Happy Halloween.

  8. Wow, that is one bad fire on that bridge! Hopefully no one was hurt though.

    And those are some serious Halloween decorations :)
    I will have to show my son these pics!

  9. That is terrible about the bridge. I hope no one was hurt or stranded on the wrong side of the bridge.

    The owners of that house must really love Halloween! They do a great job with all of the decorations!

  10. Big storage shed? It looks great!


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