Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Night Scrapbooking has Begun :)

I am so happy that my Friday Night Scrapbooking has started up again.
If you aren't familiar with my FNS, Every Friday Night I invite my friends over to my house and we create.
Sometimes we do cards, scrapbook pages, colour or sometimes just sit and chat while the other ladies craft.
Tonight I created 10 "Thank You" cards for Ashley to give out to her friends or family that have helped her or got her a gift for her new house.

I used some of my scraps of pattern paper for the background.
Then used a Stampin' Up stamp and punch. I used a McGill punch for the dark blue cardstock, it backs the Stampin' Up punch perfectly.

I kept the inside as simple as could be.
I just stamped a sentiment on a recipe/index card.
I wanted lots of room for Ashley to write her thank you note inside.

Ashley finally got her blinds delivered and installed today.
She was at work, so Heather, Kristy and I went to let the installer in to do his job.
You can see her new couch here as well :)

Ashley came home for lunch just as the guy drove away.
But she brought us pizza for lunch :)

Tomorrow hunting starts. So Wayne will be out and I plan on staying home all day, relaxing and trying to figure out my wooden stamp storage :)

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. your card set is awesome! what a great idea to give!

  2. mollytigger (you tube)
    I really like those thank you cards. They are so nice.

  3. Pretty cards! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

  4. Love Ashlea's new blinds - they look fabulous, as well as her great couch!

  5. Oops - sorry and I love those fabulous Thank You cards, what great papers!

  6. Great thank you cards so nice to know what about the McGill punch I will have to look for one. Looking forward to your wood block stamp storage. Great couch and curtains

  7. I LOVE these cards! They turned out perfect!! Seems like Ashley's house is just about finished! Everything has come together so nicely for her!

  8. Love your cards...they look great and will be so perfect for Ashley to gve out!

    Her couch looks so nice...That colour is so in style now...looks great!

  9. Ashley's place is looking beautiful!

    LOVE that you have FNS, wish I had something like that :) GREAT cards, loving the soft colours!

  10. This is such a cute card set! I love your Friday Night Scrapbooking! It just sounds like so much fun!

    Ashley's house is looking great :)


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