Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving :)

I want to wish all my Canadian friends a very wonderful Thanksgiving.
I enjoyed the day with my family.
My brother Darrell and his wife Darlene (whom is also Wayne's sister) came over.
I picked up my sister Julia and my nephew and niece.
Of course my girls and their boyfriends were here as well.
We had such a nice time.
Food must have been good as there are not many leftovers ;)
(this isn't my table...but doesn't it look perfect)

Today I am so thankful for my family.
I have more siblings that live out of town and would love if we all lived closer and could all spend these holidays together.
But sadly that is not so.
Wayne's family all live here in the same town. He was lucky to spend every holiday and celebrate everyone's birthdays together.
I hope I am lucky enough to have my children and any future grandchildren live close to me :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a creative Monday :)
Oh ya, Wayne got a doe hunting today.
I don't care for wild game..but the rest of the family does.

Tracy :)


  1. Hope it was a truly a wonderful Thanks Giving! (Wish my bird looked like that. lol)

  2. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.
    Wayne is so lucky to have all his family in the same town...I hope your girls and their children stay close to you as well...I think they will!

  3. Glad you had a great day, most of our family was here at the cottage, our daughter cooked the porktenderloin to perfection, a chef couldn't have done it better. It is awesome to have my family close.

  4. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving:D


  5. Glad you had the most fabulous family time! Have a wonderful week.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad you guys had a nice day :) and yes, the table is beautiful, doesn't matter whose it is :)

  7. OMG, Happy thanksgiving! This so reminds me of the anniversary trip my husband and I took up to Canada two years ago already. It was Thanksgiving that weekend. :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I'm glad you have family to share the holiday with. Maybe one day the rest of your side of the family will make it to your home :D One can always hope, anyway.

  9. We had a great dinner as well.My parents were up and my gf and family came. We had ours on Sunday.

  10. AH! I've been waiting and waiting for this post!

    They celebrated Thanksgiving at our resort in the Bahamas. They put up a Canadian flag over the pool and served Thanksgiving dinner in one of the restaurants that they decorated with red bunting, a Canadian flag and a big Happy Thanksgiving sign! I was so excited and kept telling AJ that you were celebrating Thanksgiving that day too! I took lots of pictures, but I didn't have them with me when I did my Honeymoon post. I'll add them to my post this week though :)

    So, now that I'm done rambling, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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