Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Cards and a Video

Here are the cards that Kristy has been making for the kids in the hospital.
They are so fun and colourful.
I love that she coloured a lot of the images :)

Heather made a nice little treat today.
She bought these chocolate molds for Oreo cookies.
They were yummy ;)

Wayne bought a clock when we went on our trip a few weeks ago.
When he took it out of the box, we had a chuckle at the label on the bubble wrap "Attention" Remove bubble wrap from box before displaying"
Wayne's response..."What idiot would hang the clock with the bubble wrap still on". LOL.
Sadly the glass front of his clock was cracked.
Because we bought it on our trip, he just took the glass out.

Onto My Day:
I actually posted a video today.
I had recorded it a while back but didn't upload it to my computer.
I edited on my old laptop, as I am scared of my Macbook Pro ;)
  I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Nice cards on your video. Kristy's cards are wonderful too! Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Hi Tracy.......thanks so much for your kind comments! I really enjoyed watching the video of all your you have been busy! Great Halloween cards too:) And what a yummy chocolate treat! Have a great week:)

  3. yoru halloween cards look awesome and oh my does that cookie look deadly!!! yummy!!!!

  4. WOW - Kristy's cards look amazing! Chocolate oreos in chocolate - yummy! And love your card showcase, they are all fab. As far as the bubble wrap on the clock - you just never know do you :-) TFS

  5. What fun cards. I'm sure they will cheer up the children. It's a shame they didn't put in a little more bubble wrap and a little less sticker.

  6. Great Halloween cards Kristy made. Super cards on your video I really like that sketch. Missed your videos.

  7. fabulous cards! sorry about the clock. :(

    is your video on here? for some reason i can't see it

  8. Cute Halloween cards! Love your card share from your video! My favorite is the Hello card and #1 favorite is the Thank you card! : )

  9. Kristy's cards look fantastic, a chip off the old block! Funny thing about the clock I'd, they probably had to put that on there because some dumb ass actually DID hang it with the bubble wrap!

  10. Love your cards! Kristy's cards are awesome, and the reason for her making the cards make them even more special. You do such beautiful work.

  11. I love the cards that Kristy made! It's a shame about the clock but am LOL about the bubble wrap! Awesome video Tracy! Love the cards.

  12. The cards are wonderful! I want to watch the video but I can't right now :(

    I'm sure some silly person did hang it with the bubble wrap on so they had to put that sticker on there! People really don't think some times!

    That was a good solution about just taking the glass out - I don't know that we would have thought of that!


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