Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Posting from the casino

Sitting in the casino using the free wifi as Sharon is gambling her craft money away, lol.
Actually I gambled 16.00 and lost it all. 
Wayne had 16.00 American in quarters and told me to take it. So I did. 
Gambling isn't really my thing. I hate to lose money. 
Did some crafty shopping on the way here.
I picked up these Christmas stickers for Kristy as she has enjoyed making cards for the children in the hospital. 
I found some fun Tim Holtz products to play with when I get home. 
Some pretties for my broken nails. And some yummies for my tummy. I wonder if they taste as good as the bear claws from Cabalas?
And here I thought I didn't need more washi tape, lol. 
Good deal at office max on washi. Buy 3 get 1 free. There wasn't a sign. We didn't realize there was a deal until we checked our receipt at the hotel. 
Tomorrow is a visit to Pine City Scrapbooking :)

I hope you all had a very creative Wednesday. 



  1. I can't gamble either, I always loose! Money is better spent of crafty things! Love the goodies.

  2. I was through Vegas and didn't gamble one red cent. I am sure the other three adults made up for me when they went out! Hope you are having a nice trip. Your shopping goodies look like fun! The smoke in the casinos gets to me.

  3. Yay on the and get one! Love it when I am surprised by a better deal at the register! (or after).

  4. Shopping, shopping, shopping, keep those people shopping ! :-) Love all the goodies :-)

  5. oh i love your shopping trips!! looks like you got some awesome goodies

  6. I'm the same way at the casino. Play a few quarters and I'm done. :) You scored some great finds with the washi! Can't wait to see what you get tomorrow!!

  7. Lol, gambling her craft money away! That was sweet of you to pick up Kristy some goodies. I hope you like those chocolates!

  8. More great crafty things, I don't have much in the TH line just the distress ink pads and a couple of dies. Sad isn't it. Gambling isn't my thing either, I think of what I could have bought craft wise with my losses.

  9. I always love seeing your goodies when you go on a trip! The stickers are going to be so cute on Kristy's cards!

    Gambling isn't my favorite either, I don't did it once and lost all of my money :( It wasn't very fun!


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