Saturday, October 12, 2013

Start of my Outdoor Fall Display

The start of my Fall outdoor display.
I had made this corn husk wreath years ago, and put it up every year, sometimes on my outside door and sometimes on one of my inside doors.
I love how it looks backed up with my red door, that Wayne and I painted a few years ago.
I was suppose to order new doors (if you remember my side door the paint peeled off because of our harsh winter). But I ordered them to late as they wouldn't be able to install them until December.
A bit to cold to have the doors removed in my opinion ;)
I will order them in the early Spring.

I love these fall mums that I picked up from one of our nurseries.
My daughters went to the nursery when I was away on my trip, and I was told Ashley really wanted one of these, but Heather and Kristy talked her out of it as she wants to save money.
So I went driving with Kristy today and told her that I want to pick them up for me and one for Ashley.
We surprised Ashley with them....she was very, very happy :)

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada this Monday, and I am having my family over for Thanksgiving dinner...which I do every year.
So today was suppose to be spent cleaning the house...but I had more fun visiting my blog friends and running around with Kristy :)

I had FNS (Friday Night Scrapbooking) last night.
I was home for about an hour before the ladies showed up ;)
I started to decorate my Tim Holtz tag book. I got a bit stumped as I kept wanting to add more metal embellishments. But it was too much, so I didn't complete it.
I will share that when it is done :)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That looks beautiful. DH doesn't want to plant anything around our new house (he wants to put something around it so nothing grows, in fact) so I'm always looking for ideas for containers. I love yours.

  2. the flowers are beautiful as is the wreath and it looks fabulous on the red door. We ordered doors one year and hubby was putting them on in November, and our weather isn't as cold as yours.(he did grumble a lot) Looking forward to seeing your TAG book project.

  3. I love your red door! Looks great with the flowers! I need to get some pumpkins to put out front! I saw some at SAMs but they were huge and way too heavy for me.

  4. Such a pretty, welcoming display. Hope you have a lovely day with your family.

  5. It looks beautiful and love the flowers! I have always wanted those on my deck. Maybe one day. I needed cedar this year instead for the pergola.

  6. I love your display! Sweet of you to pick the mums up for Ashley :)

  7. Hope you had a fabulous day today. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. What a beautiful welcome a visitor would see coming upon your home...or Kristy's home. The colors are delightfully fall bright :D

    Hugs my friend - Leslie

  9. Your outdoor decorations look great!

    Mums are my favorite - they were in my bouquet and all over our reception venue!


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