Monday, October 7, 2013


Note to Self:
Don't be so lazy and get a chair.
I grabbed a step stool to reach a DVD from the very top and at the very back of my closet.
If you remember I am only 4'10" tall, so in hindsight, I knew I should have used a chair or a step stool higher then 12"
But I was lazy...and well...I was lazy, lol.
So I thought if I stood on the very edge of the self where it is attached and kind of hop up, I may be able to reach what I wanted.

Well, guess what, not only did I NOT reach the tape waaaay back in the closet, I also broke the shelf and broke all my nails off as I fell.
Funny thing was, as I was falling, the only thought I had in my head was ....... "I guess I'm not as light as I used to be", lol.
No worries, I didn't brake any bones. But now I have to make a new shelf.
I know how to fix it as I made this whole unit by myself, with my table saw and my own design :)

 Remember my stamps storage from this post?
I was saying how I thought the thinner (and a bit smaller) containers would probably work better, but were twice the price.
Well I used a coupon and picked one up from Michael's to see if I was right.
I am
But luckily my SIL/friend Sharon and I are heading to the States on Wednesday.
If you are from Canada then you know that everything at our Michael's is 40% more than the U.S price.
So I am going to print up many coupons and we will visit the Michael's in Duluth many times to get these at a good price ;)

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. My goodness! So glad you are okay- but ouch on your nails breaking!

  2. My gosh, Tracy!, I am so glad you are OK and didn't hurt yourself!!! Have a good trip to the states!

  3. That sounds like something I would do--always looking for a shortcut! LOL
    Good to hear the only thing you hurt was your nails. Now you have an excuse to go get them done!
    Have fun shopping!

  4. First I thought you took a trip to the lake and we're cutting trees lol. So glad you are okay with the exception of your nails and shelf. Have a fun trip to the U.S. I coloured three images for next weekend and completed one. Woohoo!

  5. Lol! I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself though! Glad the other containers are going to work out, and you'll be able to get them cheaper AND with a coupon!!

  6. So glad that you didn't hurt yourself when the shelf fell...and that it is fixable. That is important, too! Great news for getting the containers on the cheap!!!!

  7. Oops - glad you didn't break any bones!! Nails are ouch but hey! Love the new storage! TFS

  8. I hate when you can't reach something and you can't! I'm just glad your okay! Bummer it broke though! Have fun in the States on Wednesday with your friend! TFS!!!

  9. I thought I was the only one who does dumb things like this. LOL. You are in good company. And I have the same lazy streak too. Have a good trip to MN!

  10. YOW-W-W-W! Breaking your fingernails on the quick trip down from the top of your cabinet! That will smart.....for a few days! Sorry you were injured :-(

    On a different thought, kudos to you for being a "Tool belt Diva" with no fear of power tools! Woo Hoo for you!


  11. Good idea about the containers!

    I'm glad you didn't get hurt badly when you were reaching, but I'm sorry you broke your shelf :( I always fall when I try to get things...or burn myself on the grilled when climbing up on the kitchen counters to get a baking sheet...(because that didn't happen this week or anything!)

    Oh the dangers of being short!


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