Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walking into walls

I should have slept in.
I woke up at 5:30am as I had to go pee.
It was pitch black in the hotel room, so I felt my way to the bathroom, not wanting to wakesharon. 
Thought I was at the bathroom door, so turned to walk into the bathroom.....But instead smacked my head into the corner of the wall.
I think I swore, but Sharon didn't wake up. 
I was scared I'd get a goose egg, so left to get some ice. 
I didn't get a goose egg, but a have a bit of a cut above my right eyebrow and it's a tad swollen. 
I'm not a klutz. Really I'm not, lol

Did a bit of shopping today.
We went to Pine City Scrapbooking, sadly they didn't have the Tim Holtz stencils I was hoping to find there. 
But did find these to make a binder for my monthly tags. 
I also picked up this cute stamp and some glossy accents as I have yet to try them. 
I found it sad that I found more at Walmart for crafting than the scrapbooking store, lol.
The back paper I picked up for Kristy, thought she might like it for her cards. 
I thought Ashley would get a kick out of that iPhone sticky notes :)
Yes I need help, More washi tape ;)
Because of my encounter with the wall this morning, I treated myself to those cream horns and a new purse. 
I thought Heather might like those scarves.  
Sharon won 120.00 today. 
I lost 6.00, lol
The machine wouldn't even take my dollar, lol. I guess that's a sign I'm not meant to gamble lol. 
I hope you all enjoyed a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hoe you don't have too much of a goose egg! And glad you didn't hurt yourself any worse! glad you found a few goodies to take home with you.

  2. Ok but if you throw up go to the hospital. We can't loose you. I have 2 of those TH Books

  3. Hi I live in Hawaii and love reading about where you live.
    I found your blog this past weekend and went all the way back to your first blog and read that whole year.
    It's just like I made a new friend.

    1. Hi Chele, I am so happy you found my blog and have enjoyed checking out my posts.
      Wow you read a whole year of my posts, hope you enjoyed them :)

  4. Lots more goodies - and hope your head is OK ! LOL! I would do something like that :-)

  5. You whacked your head! Man, I probably would have whacked my shin! Glad you're OK! Love your new goodies!!

  6. sorry about your head!!! I glad you made up for it with shopping therapy!! looks like so fun goodies

  7. Great "stuff" nothing worse than stumbling around in the dark, hubby has a flashlight he uses to meander too the loo. Now last night I kicked the scale fortunate for me it was the side of my foot not the baby toe.

  8. Hope you haven't had a headache. I broke a toe like walking into a wall in the dark once. No one got any sleep after that! Great purse. Looks like the perfect size.

  9. Hi

    Sorry about your head,hope you are ok know.

    I love your goddies,:D:D


  10. Ouch!! I am always doing things like that! I love glossy accents!! I even use them to adhere embellishments like veneers.

  11. oh ouch. I have done things like that before. Way more than I want to admit. Once I had a bruise on my arm that was so ugly everyone thought someone beat the crap out of me. It was from walking into the end of the open van door. I feel your pain.

  12. Great haukl and I LOVE that sweet stamp!

  13. Awww, I'm sorry you banged your head :/ on the way to the bathroom in the dark. Looks like you have scored on the shopping trip this time. Lots of goodies to share with your girls, and try out some new stuff.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  14. Cute purse! Our internet has been horrible- it is not evne winter! ;0(

  15. Oh no Tracy! That is terrible! I hope you are okay now! Walking into walls in the middle of the night sounds like no fun at all!

    But at least you got some fabulous goodies to cheer you up :)


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