Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wood Mount Stamp Storage...maybe re-thinking this method.

I think I am very close to being done with my wood mount stamp storage !!!!!
Here is my shelf in my cupboard with my wood stamps.
the clear containers stacked are assorted wood stamps.
In the centre are my red rubber Stampin' Up stamps.
The stamps on the far right are my wood mount Stampin' Up stamps.

Here are my clear stamps stored on the upper shelf and my wood stamps on the lower shelf :)

I can't tell you how happy I am that they don't look like this anymore ;)

Let me explain a bit about how I am storing them.
I bought these clear, snap lid 14x14" containers I picked up (on sale) at Michael's.
These containers were $5.99 each, they will hold 3 layers of stamps. I found thinner ones, they were a bit smaller which I liked way better, but they were $11.99. And they would have only held 1 layer...which I would have prefered.
I labeled the containers with my label maker.

What I like about these are that they are clear.
I like that I can see what is in them.

To get to the second layer, I just flip over the container and then open it.
But once you flip it over the stamps are in the lid, so the lip of the lid isn't as thick. So I have to be careful not to knock the stamps out.
Now that I think of it....I may go back and check out those thinner containers...I can see my SIL knocking these over if she opens it, lol.
I may need to collect some coupons and send my family on a Michael's run ;)
I should have listened to Wayne. I kept telling me to get the ones I really wanted. But I just thought they were way to expensive, but why didn't I think of using a coupon.....

Because these will fit 3 wood stamps deep, I need a light way to make a spacer for in between the stamps.
Or they would just fall into a jumble mess.
So I took some thin foam from some packaging, taped them together and put them in the middle of the a sandwich ;)

Did you know that today is National Card Making Day?
I didn't until I saw that a friend put it on her FB page.

Because I was working on my stamp storage, I didn't get a chance to make a card....but I think I made up for it yesterday ;)
But Kristy on the other hand made a couple of cards.
Kristy said she needed a hobby.
Everyone has a hobby in our family.
Wayne=hunting and fishing.
Kristy=Baking and Cake Decorating.
But she wanted to have something that didn't include eating, lol.

She enjoys making cards when Sharon comes over, so I told her about sending cards to the kids in the hospital.
She thought about it and really liked that idea.
So tonight she started with some cards :)

Does it make my heart happy that she choose a hobby that she can do with betcha :)
My girls have always created with me, but as they got older it tapered off.
I think her Halloween card is coming together wonderfully...she even coloured the image ;)

I hope you all had a very creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lovely! You have your daughter to craft with you, I so wish we had a Michaels! Great storage solution :)

  2. Love the finished storage and great idea to flip them over - I will have to see If I can do that with mine, although I don't have anywhere near as many as you have there :-) Don't forget to show us Kristy's finished card.

  3. I like your stamp storage solution. And it's go me thinking...I have all my TH stamps in black boxes which is great. But I want to have easier access. Maybe the paper storage holders? Ugh, who knows! Love that Halloween card and it is nice when they craft with you. Mine don't anymore either. But my daughter does the most incredible nail art! Feels good to get orgamzined!

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  5. That's a good idea Tracy. I have my single stamps stored in a photo box I picked up a Michaels--not ideal as I have to dig through it. I have loads of those plastic containers (the large and the small), but I store my projects in progress in them. I need to get more of the cases that fit in my dvd rack. Really, once I do that I'll need another dvd rack--no win situation! LOL

  6. Storing wood stamps oh what fun. The thinner ones do sound easier to work with. Super cute card Kristy is making and so nice for you to have her crafting with you.
    Today will be a better crafting day.

  7. I love your storage! It looks great! I always feel so much better when things are organized, don't you? Love that Kristy was making cards :)


  8. so did you get the thinner container with a coupon??? Glad Kristy decided to make cards. And your stamp storage is looking wonderful!

  9. Never did get around to partaking in WCMD day. :0(
    Wow! Your organization looks fantastic!

  10. Looks FANTASTIC!! I think you should come organize mine ;)

  11. Kristy's cards are great! I love that you can share a hobby!

    What a great idea with the storage. That I like that you added the layer of paper to separate the stamps. I should do that with mine, because they are constantly a jumbled mess!


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