Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dining/Craft table

My Craft Dining table came in today and it looks so pretty.
It is a bit big for my dining room, but it has two leaves in it, so we can take one out when my crafting friends aren't here :)

I was a bit surprised that it didn't come assembled already.
I was even more surprised that they didn't put them together once they delivered them.
The delivery men put some carpet runners down as to not get snow on my carpet, I couldn't figure out why they just didn't take off their boots.
That was until I realized that they were just bringing in the boxes….not putting them together.

I phoned the company and was told we would have had to pay extra at the time of purchase to get them assembled. I am sure Wayne would have happily paid the extra to get them put together.
It would have been nice if we were informed of that at time of purchase.
But Wayne is taking tomorrow off, so I thought we could have some bonding time.
Kristy said if you and dad put them together, I'm not going to be around…dad goes insane when he does these things, lol.

So as I packed up for my crop on Saturday, Wayne put together all the chairs.
He put these chairs together like a boss ;)
I did have to help every once in a while, but nothing to major.
I did unassembled our old table though ;)

Lets take one more look, isn't it pretty :)
I am going to pick up a table cloth with a felt underside and a vinyl top for scrapbooking nights though ;)
And a table runner for my decorative bowl :)

About me packing up for my crop…I feel I haven't packed enough.
My main bag isn't even half full, that's not right. Even though I do have 2 other smaller bags that I am taking ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. wow - very very beautiful!

  2. Wow the table looks beautiful, it fits so well in the room. Now to get crafting on it lol. :)

  3. Great dining set, it looks gorgeous in your room, Have fun at you crop.

  4. This set looks beautiful! I hope you have loads of fun crafting and family moments in there! :)

  5. The new set looks fab! Have a great time Saturday!

  6. Beautiful table and chairs. So much wonderful space to spread out your crafting goodies and work! Oh, and to eat on too.

  7. The new table and chairs are beautiful! Have a great time at your crop....a last minute one came up that I have signed up for next Saturday and I am so excited....for some reason that seems to be where I make the best progress.

  8. I love your take and Wayne, you did the most amazing job! ;) maybe he could retire and become a full time furniture assembler...

  9. It's a beautiful set, Tracy! Have fun at the crop! :o)

  10. The set is just beautiful, looks gorgeous jn your dining room.! Have fun crafting on it! :)

  11. Table looks amazing - lots of space now for Friday nights!

  12. This is gorgeous!

    And Wayne did a great job putting it together!

    That is annoying they didn't tell you about the extra charge though. My dad would definitely have paid the extra to have the table assembled...and I think AJ would have too...but I'm not sure, we've never bought furniture from a nice enough store that would even have the option! Hahaha

  13. Beautiful Table!!! Plenty of room for crafty friends! : )

  14. Congrats on the pretty new table! We just got one too in November that seats 6-8 but I can't even bring myself to let people play games on it let alone do crafting, even with a tablecloth. I'm such a fussbudget about things like that! So basically, we have only used it twice in two months! Ha!

  15. Looks good! We had to assemble ours as well. We are in the midst of a bedroom/ master bath re-do!


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