Monday, January 27, 2014

Challenge card received and December Daily video

Today I received Phillane's challenge card.
I love this image..even though it isn't a CC Designs image she said we needed to use, lol.
Challenge failed my friend, lol.
Just kidding, this card is stunning.
I love that she used this corrugated card and that she turned the file folder card on its side.
Also the image is adorable, and beautifully coloured.
Thank you so much :)

Our internet has been so slow lately. It reminds me of when we had dial up. The page actually loads slowly in layers.
I put up a video of my December Daily. I started at 9:00pm and it finished 6:00am.
That is 9 hours for a 25 minute video.
I am also wondering if I am uploading to big of a file….so this time around I used a smaller file.
I haven't watched it on YouTube yet to see if there is a difference in quality.
But here is my December Daily in more detail :)
Tracy's Treasures24 YouTube channel
I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. very cute care you received!
    I am working away on my Dec. memory album.

  2. That card is sooo cute!
    Your pl is awesome

  3. What a sweet card she made! I'll be back to check out the video of your DD! :)

  4. I like how she turned the file around to give it a different look. And the video is great, thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Super cute file folder card, the video is great.

  6. What a cute file folder! I'll be sure to check out your video :)

  7. This is gorgeous! I just love that ribbon :)

  8. Yes, failed the challenge. LOL Oh maybe next time I will listen to my own rules. LOL or yours. LOL It just goes to show I don't know my brands either. LOL
    Love your DD, uploading pics for mine now. YAY!

  9. I love her card! Love the cardboard too and that sweet heart :) Wow, that is slow! Glad you were able to do that over night and didn't have to wait on it!

  10. Phillane's card is wonderful and your December daily is fabulous! TFS

  11. Oh well it's still cute. LOL. rulebreakers. :p

  12. That card is awesome!

    I finally got to watch your video on my not-actually-sick-just-going-to-see-the-house-then-I-got-actually-sick sick day! I loved seeing your whole December Daily together! It looks great :) I really like how you put all of your photo challenge pictures in the book, and how you used a mix of two page, one page, and half page spreads. That is such a great idea! I hate struggling to make things for the larger pages when I don't have a lot to say :( I really like how you did all the days after Christmas on the same page - that's what I did too! I'm sorry you had to cancel your party though and couldn't make a page for it!

  13. I feel your pain! As you know too well, we have horrible Internet!


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