Monday, January 20, 2014

Organizing my Flowers

While I was on a 2hour phone call with a friend, I decided to clean my scrap room.
My desk may be clean and organized, but the floor is not.
Well guess what I did instead???

Organized my flowers.
I really didn't think I had that many flowers.
But as I was putting them in these containers, I kept finding more in other places of my room, lol.
Now how does that happen ;)
I love that they are so nicely contained and organized.

I hope that is all of my flowers :)

I have a bin for my just my whites.
And one just for my pinks.
One for my blues and purples.
One for my browns, beiges and blacks.
And lastly one for my orange, yellow, green and reds.
I think storing them this way will be so much easier to find the ones I want….and hopefully I will use
them more.

Here are the containers I used.
I picked them up at Michaels to re- re-organize my wood stamps, lol. Yes you read that correctly re-reorganize.
I organized my wood stamps, but I think I found a better way :)
These are the thin containers.
Funny as they are twice the price of the thicker, bigger ones.

I am thinking of making a watermark on some of my photos.
So I was playing around with some app. on my phone.
Not liking this so far…but hopefully will get it how I like it some day soon ;)

I hope you all had a very creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great way to store them, I dont have many flowers so they all it in a small drawer hugs Terrie

  2. You could come and do mine now. I don't have too many!

  3. That is a lot of flowers! I have mine all just thrown in a basket. Your storage looks so nice and neat :)

  4. Lol, I think my flowers might fit in a jar! And before I read this, I was picturing you sorting flower seeds!

  5. Those containers look perfect for storing flowers and they seem to be space savers too as you can stand them up but see them all at once. How do you store your wooden stamps now? I saw and replied to your post on 2peas on your blog but that was awhile back. If I could, I'd get the Alex drawers from ikea or the Helmar. But right now, I have most of mine in the tall iris drawers and some in little bins all over. It's a mess lol. Have you worked much on your All About Me book? One of my goals this year is to do one and any ideas and inspiration would be much appreciated :)

    1. Thank you Kai :)
      I can't reply to your comment personally as you don't have your email in your name.
      I thought I had a great way to store my wooden stamps, but since am working on a hopefully better way. I will share it once I have it perfected :)

  6. I keep all my flowers in a big draw which I just pull out when needed. But I like the idea of keeping all the colours together. And a 2 hour phone call! Lol

  7. They look so pretty all organized like that!

  8. Great way to organize them!

  9. love your organization!
    lot of pretty flowers

  10. I LOVE that flower organization! So pretty and a great idea too. Now when you re- reorganize your stamps, do you mean reorganize from just a few months ago??

  11. |Great way to organize, some of mine are in jars and the rest find them if you can. I think I need some organization. lol. I at least put my House mouse stamps back in their shoeboxes and on the shelf.

  12. I hear ya sister... How is it we don't know how much stuff we have of one thing until we start putting the stuff in one place. Have a great day! I enjoy watching your video's!

  13. Great way to organize your flowers...I have mine in a class container and it is not even half way full.....I love flowers but I think that I make quite a few with a Sizziz die that I love!!!

  14. Lots of pretty flowers, great organization! I dont have many, just getting started.n Looking for a good source. Any thoughts?

  15. This is such a great idea and I love that they are the thinner boxes! TFS.

  16. Wow - you have quite the collection of flowers! I reorganized mine into color bins like this and I use them a lot more now. So much easier to pick up one bin than to look through a ton of flowers. They look so pretty all lined up like that. :)

  17. That is an awesome way to organize! I love organizing by color, I do end up using more of my products that way!

    Those thin containers are great!

    Also - love the watermark idea! I do mine on picmonkey, the free photo editing website. Its really easy!

  18. Sorry, I hit publish when I meant to say "Its really easy! You can just type right onto the photo and change the color of the writing, or how opaque it is. And its free!"

    So I've said it all! Hahaha

  19. I love it - you are gonna be one organized lady here very shortly

    now that you are retired -
    Are you for hire? lol

  20. Your flowers look great! I just bought ond of those containers too. If I like it I will buy more. I thought they might fit inot the larger iris cart drawers set I altready own. I want to see if 2 or 3 of them fit where one is now. Then we can see all our stamps instead of seeing two layers deep!

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  22. Great way of storing them, and you have quite a collection of those pretty flowers! I think I may need those containers for storing other crafting goodies myself :) And sorry, I had to delete my comment below as I made some spelling errors and decided to retype the comment, lol..

  23. 3 hrs my friend, this was a 3 hr convo. LOL you need a use your flower challenge. LOL


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