Thursday, January 23, 2014


You ever have one of those days….you know the one….Its not a bad day, just a day when things don't go the way they should?
I'm sure we all have.
Well here is mine.

The plan today was to make a video of my Project for the class I am teaching.
To then drop off the sample to the organizer of the crop.
Bring Heather and Kristy for a sleep over at Ashley's as they don't have to work tomorrow.
And have a nice dinner with Wayne when he got home from work.

This is how my day really went:

Started to do a video and my video camera started flashing. Because I didn't have my cheater glasses, I had no idea what it was, so assumed it was that the battery was low.
Run upstairs to get my power cord and recharge it as I am taping.
Still it is flashing. Get the cheaters and read that my camera is full. I have never had that happen.
Delete some old video bits and start to re-tape.

As I am taping the phone rings. Its our insurance guy asking questions about our home.
I guess after dishing out money to the flood victims and hail victims, they are raising rates and want to know about any updates to our house.
As I check out the year of the furnace for him…I start to get a bit excited as hot water is running out of our water tank and making its way to the wall.
So get off the phone with him to call the repair guy.
As I turn off the water tank….no water for us until he comes to fix it.

I get ahold of Ashley to let her know I can't bring the girls to her house.
Plus I can't bring in my sample for my class. Luckily that isn't due until tomorrow.
Ashley tells me she will pick up the girls after she is done work, if the repair guy isn't there.
He doesn't come for 4 hours, so Ashley comes by to pick up Heather and Kristy.
Thankfully the repair guy shows up and fixes the problem just as Wayne comes home from work, so at least Wayne gets a hot shower.

Kristy made pizza dough and I was going to pick up the toppings after I brought the girls to Ashley's.
Because that didn't happen and I didn't have water (well I did in the fridge, but good excuse not to cook ;)  we didn't have the healthy pizza for supper.
But I did have a nice healthy, yummy salad from Wendy's. It tasted healthy anyway ;)

I did get to be creative though.
I did finish my taping and edited it.
Our basement didn't flood.
The girls still get to spend time together.
Wayne and I still enjoyed a nice dinner tonight.
I'm just a "glass if half full" type of gal ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a crazy day!
    But glad it all worked out!! :)

  2. What a day! Glad you can see the good at the end of it. Can't wait to see the video. :)

  3. wow what a day for you. but so glad it all worked out in the long run. I too am looking forward to the video. I didn't get any crafting done but quite a bit of sorting of large scraps and small ones too. I'm making progress.

  4. What a crazy day! They seem to run like that every once in a while. I'm glad everything worked out. :)

  5. Oh geez, what a day! Glad it was all ok by the end of it and hope you have calmer days ahead! :)

  6. Wow! That's a lot to handle in one day. Glad it all worked out and you have a very good attitude looking at all the positives. We just heard on the news last night that insurance rates for our entire state are going up an average of 25% next year. They say they are 'playing catch up.'

  7. what a day you had!
    glad wayne got a hot shower!!

  8. That sounds like a bit of the day from hell!
    Glad Wayne had a hot shower and thank goodness for Wendy's.
    What a day!

  9. What a day!!1 But way to turn all the negatives in positives...way to keepo your ching up!

  10. What a day! Glad everything turned out okay friend!!

  11. Yep we all have ones of those. Glad that everything was all right in the end! Have a great weekend.

  12. Sorry about your day, but glad it turned out ok in the end :) We all have days like these, but you have to have a good attitude on the negatives, which you really do! :)

  13. That was quite the day! Why does everything have to happen at once? Hoe everything is going better now!

  14. Oh man! What a day!

    I love how you turned it around and looked at the positives though.

    I'm having a kind of bad day today, but nothing major is going wrong, just little things. But now I'm going to try to find the positives in today so I can maybe be a little less of a mean teacher this afternoon than I was this morning!


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