Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I won !!!

How did you say Good-Bye to 2013?
Did you go to a party and celebrate with friends?
Or did you just have a nice evening at home and celebrate it with family?

This is the first year I celebrated alone.
We had to cancel our yearly get together we have here as we are still pretty sick.
So decided to watch the Walking Dead marathon to welcome in the New Year.
Ashley was at her house, Kristy spent it with her boyfriend's family, Heather went to bed at 9:30pm and Wayne went to bed at 11:15pm.
So I was on my own….so I watched The Walking Dead and did my tradition of opening the front door to let in 2014 and opened the back door to say good-bye to 2013.
Alone :(
I phoned the girls but they didn't answer…Kristy did phone me back later and Ashley texted me even later.
But I did get a very late phone call from my brother who lives out of town and enjoyed a long conversation with him….I think he was celebrating with a few bottles or cases of beer, lol.

How was your 1st day of 2014?
Mine started off fine, I felt a bit more like myself :)
Then I had to phone the water heater repair guy as we didn't have any hot water.
No biggie.
Until I remembered that before I got sick, I started to de-clutter the basement and had stacks of cardboard that needed to be wrapped and a few other containers that should be moved out of his way.
Have to tell you that just wiped me out. I needed a nap after the repair guy left…guess I wasn't feeling as good as I thought I was.

The highlight of today was when I went to check out Tim Holtz's 2014 tags…I won for my December Tag!!!
I was so excited!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative 1st day of 2014 :)
I have so many ideas and things I want to do this year…but first to make my list ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Happy New Year! I went to bed! I was te party pooper at our house. Curtis and Cait opened up the door to let the New Year in. Congrats with your winning tag!

  2. Congratulations on having the winning December tag...that is so exciting!!!! Hope you are feeling better in no time. I am back to work tomorrow after being off for days. After all that time being off...and now I am starting to not feel not fair! Happy New Year!

  3. Whoo Whoo! Congrats on your win :-) I didn`t make it to midnight, without Andy, just didn`t feel like staying up. My girls were on Skype with friends till gone midnight so they saw in the New Year. Sad state of affairs when your teens can stay up longer than you LOL! Hope you feel much better soon, don`t over do things! Hugs, Karon.

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations on your win! I am so pleased for you, your tag is fabulous. I too spent the last day in bed, I've been bed bound for months feeling very poorly, waiting on consultants and surgeons appointments, but hey ho, I don't think I missed too much, I hope you feel better soon, just take things easy.

    Hugs Jan xxx

  5. Congratulations on your TH win for the tag, it was Awesome. I napped all night on the couch hubby woke me just before midnight I saw the ball drop and went to bed and slept until 9. Thanks for update I hope you feel A-1 soon,

  6. Sorry to hear that you're still a bit under the weather, but that is awesome news about your tag!

  7. happy new year tracy!
    sorry to hear that you were alone! at least you made it to midnight. I fell asleep on the couch! LOL!!
    congrats on your win- this tag was stunning

  8. WOOHOO for you, Tracy! Your tag is wonderful! A Very Happy New Year to you! I hope it is full of much joy and laughter! :o)

  9. Yay and congrats on the win, that tag is gorgeous!! I love that you open the front door to the new year and the back door to let the old year out....neat!! I hope you get feeling better!

  10. Love your December tag and congrats on your win. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a lovely message. Hope you ate feeling better.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  11. Congratulations on your win Tracy! So excited for you :) Ever since you told me about opening the doors at midnight, we do that too :) Mom helped me with it this year and Mike held on to the dog. Lol!

  12. Big congrats for your win!!


  13. Congratulations! That is one awesome Kudos to you!

    I've never heard of opening the doors at midnight on New Year's Eve. That seems to be a good tradition to have. I'll try to remember that for next year. Sorry you had to do it alone :( Happy New Year, my friend. And here's to you getting your crafty on in 2014.

    Hugs to you my friend, Leslie

  14. Congratulations on your win!

    I love that tradition of opening the doors! Our tradition was to go outside and bang pots and pans together at midnight. But I haven't done that since I moved because I don't want to bother my whole apartment building.

    But next year, when I have a house...I'm totally doing that!

    I'm sorry that you did too much and weren't feeling well. I often do that after being sick, I feel better and think I can do a ton and then get sick again!

  15. Oh no on being sick! Our NYE was different for us too- Saba had to work until 11; Mya went to a friend's until 11 (only because we had to go to town anyway to get S, so we got M as well). It was just dh, my son and myself!


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